Terms of use fire extinguisher.

Rules extinguisher should know everyone, because we all find ourselves in an unexpected and dangerous situation.In principle, the operation of the device represented is not severe, but has its own characteristics.For example, you should know when and what kind of fire extinguisher should be used.First, let's deal with the types of devices shown.

Species extinguishers

So, there are many criteria for classification:

  1. In size devices are hand-held, mobile and industrial.They differ in the cylinder volume from 2 to 10 liters or more.
  2. by device type start a fire extinguisher can be a pistol or brushless.There are also devices that can operate from a permanent source of pressure.
  3. By this matter, which is contained within a vessel, there are powder, water, gas fire extinguishers.

principles of using the device

Before you use a fire extinguisher, you should be sure to understand the principles of its operation.For example, within the water tank can be used for suppression of solids which are easil

y burn.However, the liquid may contain additional components.They make it possible to put out and liquid combustibles.Terms of Use extinguisher types represented are quite simple: they can only be used in these situations.The fact that water is able to react chemically with other elements to form sufficient health hazard.

Rules extinguisher filled with gas only provide for the safety rules: they can not be touched up, as you easily get frostbite.However, such a device would be useless in those cases where the burn those items that can blaze and without oxygen.

to extinguish chemical or mechanical air the most suitable fire extinguisher foam.It is not recommended to use it when illuminated electric equipment.Naturally, one can apply the device to quenching of those which can react with water.

Features Use extinguisher OU

In principle, to operate such a device is not difficult.It is only necessary to comply with certain instructions.Rules extinguisher OU provide a phasing action:

  1. To begin to approach the fires to a distance of at least 2-3 meters.
  2. Now direct socket exactly in the direction of the flame and hold it firmly as possible.
  3. To extinguisher began to operate, it should disrupt the seal and pin, which prevents the device from the automatic response.
  4. Now you can open the lock or push the handle.It all depends on the structure of the machine.
  5. Once the fire is eliminated, it is necessary to let go of the handle and tighten the valve.

Repeated use of such a device is only possible after a new filling the balloon with carbon dioxide.

Features of powder devices

Before you use a fire extinguisher represented species, need to read the instruction manual:

  • Take the device and go to the site of the fire.The distance to the flame must be less than 2 meters.
  • To extinguisher began to operate, remove its seal and protective guard.
  • Now just point the nozzle at the fire, it does not touch it, not to get injured (frostbite).
  • Note that the device should keep firmly to the cylinder head of content did not lead to the loss of the fire extinguisher from his hands.
  • Now press the lever and remove the valve.Close or release the locking mechanism is necessary only after the fire had been eliminated.
  • If there are other pockets of flame, the device can again apply.

In some cases, you can not use powder device?

There are situations in which the use of this device is not allowed.Terms of use fire extinguishers OP inability to provide for their use in such cases:

  • if you want to put out those items that can burn without the aid of oxygen;
  • if ignited electric network or device;
  • to extinguish any antiquities, paintings and books (they can be damaged in the process of liquidation of the fire).

some of the nuances of use and storage extinguisher

can identify quite a lot of features of the application submitted to the device.For example, if you extinguish the flames with fire extinguishers several types, it is not necessary to send them to each other.In any situation, it is necessary to comply with a certain distance from the flame during fire.This is especially true of burning chemicals or tools that are easy to break out, as well as electrical appliances, which are live.

Rules extinguisher provide a certain time of continuous operation of the device, which ranges from 2 to 14 seconds.The period indicated on the label information.Extinguishing tank must be held vertically.Otherwise, you can not use all the inner material of the vessel.

use of powder extinguisher is limited indoors, as it causes too much dust.The same applies to carbon dioxide units, because they are able to reduce, and so a small amount of oxygen in the building.After using the machine it should send to reload, even if the charge was still inside.

What not to do during the operation and storage of the machine:

  • be careful not to the product any damage and dents;
  • can not be beat on the cylinder;
  • should not use a fire extinguisher if it has a manufacturing defect or malfunction of the locking mechanism;
  • in any case do not recharge or disassemble the unit by yourself;
  • after using unusable fire extinguisher must be disposed of;
  • device can not be used for the purposes that are not related to fighting the fire;
  • during the liquidation of a fire can not direct it towards anyone.