How to properly and effectively perform squats on his shoulders

One of the main exercises for bodybuilders considered squats on his shoulders.They can carry out both men and women.Depending on the objective technique of sit-ups may vary.Squats on the shoulders are forced to work the thighs and buttocks.Prisedaya various ways possible to pump different body parts.

Just pay attention to the correctness of the exercise.Technique squats to be perfect, or inevitable injuries.Those who have joint problems, you should seek prior consultation to the expert.

To avoid injuries of the joints need to devote more time to warm up.It should consist of several approaches with a sufficiently large number of repetitions, and the weight should be small (you can squat with a blank stamp).This warm-up "triggers" blood in the legs and prepares the joints to more serious stress.

Practical advice

1. Performing squats on his shoulders, certainly use bandages for knees and heavy athletics belt.

2. Always secure the weight on the bar locks, because it is difficult to perform sq

uats correctly with pancakes, to move out in all directions.

3. His head performing squats on his shoulders raised, and the sight is directed upwards.Turn your head is undesirable - the bar will begin to lean to one side.

4. If during the exercise there is a sharp pain, stop immediately followed by squats.Do not attempt to continue - perhaps torn muscle or tendon.

5. The modern rooms usually have a special frame for sit-ups.If a frame is not necessarily work with a partner, doing squats with a barbell.Engineering insurance: if performing squats can not own up, you must lift it, holding his ribs.Hold the athlete should be as long as it does not put the bar on the rack.

Technique squats

1. The legs are about shoulder width apart (you can change the position of the feet, depending on the goal).

2. The bar should rest on a trapeze, with the blades closed.

3. Perform the squat until thighs parallel with the floor.If the task - is to pump up the gluteal muscles (eg, women), the legs should be set wider, and perform squats as low as possible.

4. The take-off when lifting up the need to produce heels and not the toes.Sometimes the tendon legs are not sufficiently prepared for such a load, and the heel off the floor.Perform squats with a barbell on his shoulders on the toes is not recommended.You can put a base (eg, pancakes) under the heel.Be careful not to overwhelm the body at the same time forward, keep your back straight.

5. Beginners should perform squats with low weight at least two to three months (doing at least twice a week).After that, the muscles get stronger enough, and you can start to increase the weight.

6. Do not use the pad under the neck.Enough to put on a t-shirt or sweatshirt (if necessary put just two).That it was not so hot during exercise, can be pre-cut sleeves.