Which sport is the most difficult and dangerous?

In the world there are many kinds of sports, and they are all unique in their own way.And every athlete tend to choose from it only what suits his temperament, physique and his will.Every sport, be it ancient or, conversely, the new conceals a world of spiritual experiences, the desire to win, self-improvement, as well as fall and reaching heights.In addition to all the above, the sport - it's a risk and complexity.But what kind of sport it is the most difficult and dangerous?The answer to this question is difficult, however, has revealed the ten sports that are considered to be dangerous and complex world.

So, what kind of sport is the most difficult?It BASE Jumping, which translated to English means "jump to the low fixed height".This sport takes the first place among others on the extreme.BASE jumper (so-called athlete), in contrast to the parachutist jumping from a low altitude and near the object jump (cliff, bridge, aerial, building), which is also a danger.He had just time to open your parachut

e to land successfully.In the fall of BASE jumper trying to make the right body position, using the air masses.There is a potential risk that the parachute can not open or jumper may become tangled in straps.

Which sport is the most difficult?This is heli-skiing!Athletes dovozyat by helicopter to the mountain peaks, then they slide down them on skis.At the same time there is a danger of avalanches, the direction in which the skier slides down, unknown and unpredictable.Very often, these areas are impassable and become a problem for the skier.Many

carries Excursion in the caves and canyons below the waters.Problems with low visibility, lack the ability to quickly find themselves on the surface, if needed, and again plenty of unforeseen circumstances - all this includes the Cave Diving.And it is also the most difficult sport.

dive trips - diving - carries the following hazards: collision with sharks and other predatory aquatic wildlife, malfunction of equipment that is used when traveling in the water.In addition, there is a threat to health in the form of cardiovascular disease and lung disease.

still not sure what kind of sport is the most difficult?

Rodeo - is a risk, the probability of getting sprains, fractures, and that a bull trample player.This type of sport has approximately 80,000 victims in 365 days.

climbing, or climbing on the rocks - to overcome the cliff tops.This is one of the spectacular varieties of sports.There is a threat to break the rocks, falling from a height.If injured athlete will be difficult to provide first aid and take him to the hospital.What is the most dangerous sport?Of course, this climbing.

most popular and beloved sport that has millions of followers, but at the same time is one of the most dangerous occupations - it is hockey.Hockey - a trauma, broken teeth, a lot of bruises and sprains.

Football.Threats of this kind of sports are a variety of injuries, heart attacks, the danger from the fans in the form of inadequate or incendiary attacks.At the same time a football more popular in the world.

surfer riding a crest of a wave with the help of a special device - the board.This activity is one of the traumatic sports.Surfing is dangerous because an athlete can drown in the water column.Small abrasions, fractures and bruises, a concussion - this is just a small fraction of the danger posed by the surf.

Now you have learned about how the sport is the most difficult.And, probably, it is necessary to honor the athletes who have dedicated their entire lives just listed these ten difficult and dangerous sports.