What are the figure skating jumps

Figure skating for children whose parents wish to obtain some important results, today begins with 4-6 years.This age is considered optimal, t. To. The child is not only mechanically repeats the movement, but also have a better understanding of what he was doing.In some sections to take 2.5-3 years, but it is considered a premature start.Before you send a child on the ice, many recommend that you first work out with him in gymnastics, which will strengthen the muscular frame and develop some flexibility.

figure skating jumps are learning the first lessons.Therefore, we must be ready, that the child will continue to receive and microtrauma injuries from falls or collisions own with other children.This sport is very serious in terms of loads.Those who claim to be the school of Olympic reserve, should be dealt with from 3 to 6 hours a day, passing subjects such as general physical training, stretching, ice, podkatka choreography.Push Along "soul" in the sports school devote to this task 1-1.5 hours daily

.This is certainly less than that of the athletes, but significantly more than the recommended two o'clock the school physical education.

Gown for figure skating will be necessary if the child has reached a level where it can produce on the performance or competition.But this sport requires training in clothing appropriate temperature and size of the child.In addition, it should not press, rub, constrain movement.Professionals sew their clothes custom-made in consultation with the coach.

The main elements of this sport are the jumping, and basic technical steps, spins, spirals and methods paired and synchronized movements.Some figure skating jumps are exciting, sometimes even funny name, "pendal", "goat", "deer" or "toe", but it is a serious description - which foot to start, how to jump and where to land.For example, "twine" involves jumping to the position of the cross in the air of the twine or rittbergernoy flipovoy triples with (usually) kozlikovym departure.

figure skating jumps are divided into the claw, the execution of which begins with a wave ridge and rib - start with the edges of the blade.The former includes "toe", "lutz" and "flip" to the second - "rittberger", "Salchow", "Axel".Adult skaters almost without exception possess three jumps in turnover, and turnover supermastera quadruple jump.The competitive program included the whole cascades of these items to complete the appropriate exit.And ice shows, you can also see the flip banned at sporting events.

figure skating jumps - a required element of the competition, without which, according to the famous coach E.Chaykovskoy, this sport would not have the desired sharpness.After the Olympics in 2010 E. Plushenko performing complex quad, did not get "gold", the new rules were introduced in figure skating, which, inter alia, provide more points for the execution of a quadruple toe loop and a lesser punishment on the breakdown element.Therefore, the younger skaters have something to strive for.