How to pass the sperm?

In this article you will learn what the semen is sperm pass on the analysis and why all this is necessary.

What is semen?

Spermogram - a semen analysis, which allows to install it for certain characteristics:

  • volume;
  • sperm motility;
  • their number;
  • viscosity of semen;
  • smell;
  • color;
  • content of other cells.

results of the analysis of donated sperm will determine the potential of the disease, for example, male infertility, prostatitis, various genital infections, and so on.

Preparing for spermogramme

Before deliver semen for analysis, it is necessary to observe a number of specific requirements:

  1. for 5-7 days prior to analysis should avoid all sexual contact.
  2. During the week should not drink any alcoholic beverages.
  3. all men who want to know how to deliver the semen to further guarantee the most accurate results, it is mandatory to refrain from taking drugs, from large changes in temperature (bath, sauna) and close the laundry.

If these recommendations are met in full, the result of s

emen will be as objective as possible.Although for the most reliable indicators of the analysis should be carried out several times at intervals of two weeks.

How to donate sperm?

male seed for analysis is collected in a special container (glass or plastic) through masturbation.You should know that semen from a condom is not fit for analysis, since the lubricant, which is in rubber products, detrimental effect on sperm.

Coitus interruptus is also an unfavorable factor for the delivery of semen, as in this case, the male seed fall into cells of the sexual partner.

Where can deliver sperm?

This is best done in a specialized clinic.There the men are encouraged to be in a special room with magazines with erotic content (to simplify the procedures for obtaining the seed).

But this is not the only option.Anyone can prepare his seed for the semen at home, but it will need to deliver it to the laboratory for one hour.Otherwise, the semen loses the qualities necessary for a reliable analysis.

Why semen analysis done several times?

This is because the characteristics of the male seed does not have to be constant.Repeated semen analysis helps to identify these errors and print averages.

How to pass the sperm for money?

For this purpose there is a so-called sperm bank, located in many clinics.Donation rewarded in size from 200 to 3000 rubles.It all depends on the city and from the hospital itself.To become a sperm donor, you must pay for tests.

Before man include donor sperm bank, he will need to undergo genetic and medical examination.In addition, the basic requirements for potential donors are:

  • age from 20 to 40 years old;
  • lack of physical disability;
  • mental and physical health.