Who and why we need a power of attorney to receive mail

in life are often situations when a person does not want or is unable to perform any work.In this case, he needs an assistant, ready to take over the execution of these duties.The situation is quite delicate and requires full trust between the parties.For these purposes the Civil Code provided for the possibility of drawing up a specific document of some form, which will represent the interests of one side to the other third.This paper is called "power of attorney".

Appointment document

One of the areas of application of such a document - the power of attorney to receive mail.It can be drawn:

  • between individuals;
  • between the employee and the head of the company.

Both cases should be considered separately.Take, for example, large industrial enterprises.In the address of the organization or in person to the head usually comes a lot of letters, parcels or packages.Correspondence received from partners, suppliers, public organizations and individuals.Mail sending informational or administrative

documents, securities, as well as applications and complaints of citizens.All they need to get to the post office, and if the document is registered, it is necessary for him to sign a special form.All these procedures take a long time.It is understood that the head almost could not do it.Otherwise, he has no time to perform their duties.For these purposes, drawn up a power of attorney to receive mail, in which the execution of the work entrusted to one of the company's employees.The director may not be available at the workplace or at all to be on a business trip or on vacation.At this time, based on a document drawn up by all mail that comes to his name, will receive an authorized representative.On the other hand, the power of attorney to receive mail could reach every citizen.There are times when such a document is a must.For example, if a person is sick and can not personally visit the post office to get an important letter or parcel.Then he was forced to seek help from another person.But for that the trustee should be endowed with special powers, which allow him to act in the interests of the principal.For this is a power of attorney to receive mail or other correspondence, which should assure a notary.

How is the document

The enterprises received correspondence is usually responsible secretary or office manager.His name is constructed form a power of attorney to receive mail, a copy of which is transmitted to the post office, and the second is stored in the enterprise.There are certain rules of drafting such a document:

  1. power of attorney issued on company letterhead.
  2. In the center is written the name of the document, and just below the date of preparation.
  3. Next comes the text, stating name and address of the head (the principal), his name, position and passport data.
  4. Then come the details of the employee (the trustee): Nameand his passport data.Next
  5. prescribed all his powers.
  6. After that is the signature of the employee.
  7. Power of attorney expires.
  8. Signature of director, certified by the seal of the enterprise.

Getting registered mail

authorized officer, having the correct paperwork, can get at the post office communication any correspondence except valuable.And it does not matter how much it costs.Even if the letter is estimated at one ruble, to get it can only be the addressee in person, having the passport.All other securities shall be entitled to receive a trustee.He does not need a separate power of attorney to receive registered mail and ordinary.Just one of the standard document.And to avoid any doubts about the legality of the rights in the job description the employee must specify the fact that his job is to receive e-mail correspondence that comes in the name of the company.There are times when ordinary letters bring to the office, and must be custom-made by hand to get at the post office.In this case, a power of attorney drawn up specifically to receive registered mail.