Spring Temple Buddha - a symbol of respect for the Chinese people to the heritage of Buddhism

Buddhism - one of the world's religions, which are widely distributed in Asia.At the state level adopted Buddhism in China, Thailand, Tibet, Cambodia, India, Nepal and other countries.In the Russian Federation profess Buddhism Kalmyk, Buryat and Tuva.

followers of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama worship, or Buddha - God, who was a man, but he was able to attain enlightenment as a result of travel, self-restraint and conversations with the sages about the meaning of life.Buddha image immortalized in sculpture.In the East, there are many statues of Gautama.One of them is in the temple, which is called - the Spring Temple Buddha.

Why Buddha Spring?

temple got this name due to the fact that there is a hot spring that has healing powers.In the Russian language the name of the geyser is translated as "hot spring".The water temperature reaches Tianrui hot spring sixty degrees Celsius.

Foshan temple complex, built during the Tang Dynasty, is famous by the fact that at the Belfry is a huge bell, whose weig

ht is more than a hundred tons and a diameter of more than five meters.This bell size inferior to the Tsar Bell of the Kremlin.However, the Kremlin giant - a point of interest (definitely worthwhile), and the bell of the Spring Temple (different bell luck) - acting.

According to ancient tradition, the temple is guarded by the evil forces of marble deities and demons, located at the entrance to the shrine.In the temple to pray, worship.Spring Temple Buddha - a haven of Buddhist monks.People come here and lay people to pray, turn away from daily cares, to be alone with your thoughts and feelings.

Location Temple

Abode is located in a desert area on the outskirts of the island Henan.As the monks prefer solitude, around the church is nothing but a ticket and a parking space.

Spring Temple Buddha attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over the world, but apart from a hot spring, a huge bell and marble statues at the entrance, travelers tend to see the highest statue of Buddha in the world.


statue in the image of the Buddha's Spring immortalized Buddha Vairochana, symbolizing wisdom.Spring Temple Buddha statue is the highest in the world.Its height, together with the hill on which stands the Buddha, is two hundred and eight meters.For comparison: the famous Statue of Liberty barely able to get to the Buddha to the knee.Significantly below the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the sculpture "Motherland Calls!" In Volgograd and other monuments.Spring Buddha statue brought in the Guinness Book of Records.

Sculpture Spring Temple Buddha seems incredible and yet because Buddha stands on a giant pedestal, which is a lotus flower.

To reach the statue, to overcome 365 steps, divided into 12 spans.It is not difficult to guess that this division represents the number of months and days of the year.

Buddha made of gold, copper and stainless steel.First sculpted the statue and then they merged.Total was made eleven hundred pieces.After their connection weight of the Buddha was one thousand tons.

history of erecting statues

Spring Temple Buddha Statue, the height of which strikes the imagination, built in 2010.The decision to create the highest statue in the world have adopted after the Taliban blew up ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan.Destroyed sculpture included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.The Chinese government has expressed dissatisfaction with what has happened and define the place of establishment of the sculpture - Chzhaotsun village in Henan Province.

Construction began in 2001.The work was very hard, and a year later, residents and guests had the opportunity to see the Chinese giant statue.However, then the height of Spring Temple Buddha is 153 meters.Record size of the Buddha have been achieved due to the conversion of the hill on which stands VAIROCHANA in stone steps.

Spring Temple Buddha symbolizes respect for the Chinese people to Buddhism.

How to behave in the temple?

Spring Temple Buddha - a holy place.Therefore, the behavior must be such as not to disturb the religious traditions (even if the visitor profess any religion), not to offend the monks and parishioners.

highest Buddha image of tourists remain in my memory as photo and video shooting is prohibited in the temple.Moreover, the photographs makes worry residents of the monastery, and this is not surprising.You can not take photos of people without their consent.

Before entering the temple need to remove headgear and footwear.Clothing should cover the arm to the forearm and legs to the ankles.It is forbidden to talk on the phone and talk to each other.

Buddhist monks can not communicate with women, and some of the clergy - and men.Therefore it is better not to try to strike up a conversation with the clergy.If desired, you can order a prayer temple and make offerings.