The Federal Registration Service - Moscow

State Service, which performs all of the work on the organization of a unified system of state registration of real estate in Russia, acts Rosreestr.It is also anoint the State Service of State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.This public body is engaged in the federal property registration documents and is involved in the registration of real estate transactions and land on all points of the country.Office performs state control over all varieties of actions that are related to land and real estate.For this reason, every person or entity that decided to carry out all sorts of steps to count, should be required to go to the agency.
In particular, the preparation of documents on the ground, there is a need to get the cadastral plan of the territory.The document includes a graphic drawing on paper a certain plan of land in the form of schemes.And the plan itself shows the officially fixed the border area.In this regard there are 5 points:
1) general data
2) flowchart framework land
3) description of the site
4) information on the parts of the site (if data is available)
5) scheme of land boundaries (if data is available).
Besides regulations on registration of the cadastral plan are due to the issuance of documentation to the client at least 2 copies.
Land Cadastral Chamber is busy recording the cadastral register of real estate.Without the knowledge of this structure there is no signing of contracts for land.It provides a full account of all kinds of land ownership.The Federal Registration Service of Moscow any actions involved with real estate, issuing permits for their conduct.She's busy workflow process documentation for regulatory capital.The State Service of the Russian registry gives absolute Register entire movement on the revaluation, sale, rental and others.Action across the land infrastructure.
Moscow registration service option takes the supervision and control of all the machinations and plots of real estate within the boundaries of Moscow, in an exhaustive degree provides high-quality and timely accounting of all existing land contracts.Registration Chamber of Moscow - the only state agency, legalizing all rights to immovable property and the actual contracts related to this property.In addition to work on the single state register of accounting documents for the property already offers to find the necessary information in this registry.All records of ownerless things, too, takes a given service.From them.State of the public body takes the steps of adjusting land management.Federal BTI Rostehinventarizatsiya engaged in the creation of works related to primary, planned as well as unplanned inventory of all capital construction.And then consider all the data in a single state registry.Service is accredited to carry out works on technical accounting and inventory throughout the country.And because it acts as a federal body, the quality of its service, adequate level of prices and a great degree of personal responsibility is absolutely guaranteed.