Features and benefits of Pu-erh

Many true connoisseurs prefer to drink tea puerh, representing a beverage that in the production process is subjected to fermentation.For centuries Puer consumed in China.In recent years significantly increased the number of fans of this unusual drink in Russia.At attractive prices different varieties of unique Chinese tea can be purchased at the online store Teadepot.

Features and Benefits Puer

For the production of this type of tea using leaves, which are collected from the bushes growing in the mountainous regions of China.At the tea factory leaves are withered, rolled, fermented, dried and pressed.The result is a tea, which is a good cognac, over the years, improving its taste.Puer often compressed and sold in the form of cakes, pancakes, bowls, cake or some other form.For sale is and the weight of this type of tea.

Puerh All varieties are divided into two categories: Shen Shu.They differ among themselves the peculiarities of manufacturing technology.Sheng pu-erh is the "raw", unprocessed tea.A

ccording to its properties, it is close to green tea.Shu Puer - "mature", processed tea.This drink is closer in its properties to black tea.Pu-erh has a delicate scent, delicate aroma and no incomparable aftertaste.This type of tea is valued and its healing properties.

Puer, which the Chinese call means all diseases, with regular use helps:

  • give the body strength and energy;
  • clean the vessels and normalize blood pressure;
  • fight the malignant cells;
  • improve the stomach and intestines;
  • eliminate headaches;
  • reduce weight;
  • return the young skin.

studies conducted in different countries, revealed that Puer neutralize the negative effects of nicotine.This drink is also able to eliminate the hangover.Puer tones the body, it is recommended to drink in the morning and during the day.Experts recommend drinking 3-5 cups daily of tea, containing in its composition a variety of vitamins, microorganisms and nutrients.

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