The producer - who is it?

With the development of the film industry in our country are increasingly hear about this profession as a producer."Who is it?"- Ask anyone not deeply familiar with the TV or show business.This article will answer all your questions about this relatively new profession.

producer - who is it?

Thus, the producer - is a specialist who is directly involved in the production of the project, solving the financial, technological and artistic questions.However, our inexperienced spectator, waiting for the end of the film, sees a huge list of different producers, and does not understand why so many of them, what is the work of each of them.This is not surprising, because this profession has become increasingly popular only after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and it is relatively young.So, let us understand, why one movie or show as many of these same producers.

Lead or general producer.Who is it?

This is undoubtedly the starting point of any movie.It is engaged in financial matters, it adjusts to the

director, approves and he picks up the staff and cast work at the site.In television projects, all these functions are performed by the show producer.

executive producer

It can be called a major participant in the production process of the film.Most often it is just a large part of the financial problems and legal issues.He is responsible for the cost of wages, all sorts of costs.By the way, if you want to draw attention to the future films, then as executive producer of the show of a famous man.

Speaking of costs, we can remember the famous movie while Broadway musical "The Producers."The point is that his protagonist a great believer in the three main, immutable rules of the producer, which essentially boils down to a single phrase: "The producer never invests his own money into the film."The main character is trying to prove it to his friend.Of course, in real life often it takes all the exact opposite.

associate producer

This designation can be interpreted in two ways.First of all, a man always ready to help lead producer.It performs a number of its tasks and assignments.Also do not forget that the film is usually produces a group of companies, and the head of one of them often becomes associate producer.A head of a large company - an executive.Now it is clear that its functions are similar to the goals of general or master, he also hires staff, monitors the progress of work and looking for funds for the establishment and development of the project.

Line Producer

He controls the budget of the film, and sometimes daily monitors the production process.In most cases it does not include a list of the creative team, because he manages on-site and involved in the process.Co-producer

This person is responsible for both the budget and the impact on the selection of the cast.Co-producer may be a head of the second company, taking part in the production of, or partner, the first producer.He must also have extensive knowledge in the field of cinema, to know the basic trends, a little understanding of the marketing, management and logistics.In general, it should be a full human development.

assisting producer

It's really not an easy profession.The producer has to be the right hand, the principal assistant.A person who does not have a limitless flow of energy is unlikely to do the work.After all, the ability to communicate quickly and deal with a difficult problem, that is, the quality of the work of assisting the producer, the success of the film.


Music producer - who is it?This question is likely to have arisen in your mind, so we will certainly answer.This person is responsible for the sound and the music component.

Also during all this diversity there are creative producers who are unlikely to meet in the credits of a foreign film.It is easy to explain, because the function of any professional not limited to "dry" the decision on budget and financial component.However, in our country, the creative producer appears in the credits of almost every film.

Here, perhaps, and everything you need to know about this difficult profession and its kinds.Now you know what do the producers, and in a conversation with the person associated with the world of movies, you will not look ridiculous, and will be able to answer any question.Be improved on!