"Thirteenth Herculean task."

It "Thirteenth Herculean" Iskander and a few other stories about his childhood became the beginning of his prose.All these works are small and touching.But they raised moral questions is not for children.The stories examined the concept of deceit, honor and dishonor, cowardice, dignity and betrayal.Appeal to the children's age does not make them less important, but only brings to the reader.

instructive story

And in this little work the author remains true to himself.From the beginning to the very last line of his humor pervades.However, despite the cheerful mood, the story of "The Thirteenth Herculean" Iskander quite instructive.It makes the reader think about the many serious and important issues.Everyone has to decide for themselves what and how the feat in the same person can be combined courage and cowardice.Concluding the story of "The Thirteenth Herculean" Iskander leads the reader to believe that courage can be different.It turns out, not always in the same person the courage to moral and

physical.So, having a physical force, it may be a coward in the solution of vital problems.

¬ęThirteenth Herculean task."Iskander .Summary: The new teacher

Greek nationality Harlampi Diogenovich appeared in the school on September 1st.Prior to that, about him nobody heard.He taught math and was in contrast to the conventional notions of mathematicians, and collected a neat person.At lessons Harlampy Diogenovicha always been exemplary silence, he never raised his voice, never threatened, and still manage to keep the whole class in the hands.

¬ęThirteenth Herculean task."Iskander. Summary: The case of the protagonist

No one had privileges to Harlampo Diogenovichem.It did not escape the fate to be in a ridiculous position, and the main character.Once he has not fulfilled the task at home.Solution of the problem does not converge with the answer.Boy studying in the second shift came an hour before the lesson.When it became clear that a classmate did not solve the problem, he finally settled down.Students were divided into teams and went to play football at the stadium.Already in the classroom Excellent Sakharov said that the problem was solved, and the answer he made friends.The door appeared Harlampi Diogenovich and proceeded to his seat.The protagonist noticed that even his neighbor's party, quiet Adolf Komarov (Alik called himself that he was not compared with Hitler as the war went on) solved this problem.

Fazil Iskander "Thirteenth Herculean task." Summary: "saving" vaccination

The class looked a nurse, she was looking for 5 "A", and got a 5 "B".The protagonist offered to show where there are children who need to be vaccinated against typhoid.Along the way, he told the doctor that after this lesson of the class is organized to tour the museum.They return to the 5 'B'.There Shura Avdeenko board has written three action objectives, but could not explain the decision.The nurse made a vaccinations to all students and the lesson does not end there.Harlampi Diogenovich said that in this class there was a man who decided to outdo Hercules and make another feat thirteenth.After these words, he called to the board of the protagonist, and asked him to explain the solution.But the boy even what was on the board, could not figure out where to start.Of course, he got a bad mark, but from that moment began to treat more serious homework.And he understood the method of teacher: temper the souls of the children laugh, teach them to treat yourself with a bit of humor.