Industrial hygiene: health and safety of staff

industrial sanitation - a field of knowledge which examines the various issues related to working conditions, the influence of production factors on the performance and health of personnel.Working conditions depend on the production technology, workflow and sanitary conditions in which it takes place.Health at work is based on the study of the environment and its impact on labor conditions.

basis for healthy labor conditions is the competent organization of production.Regulates occupational health factors such as noise, vibration, pollution, radiation, air quality and climate.There are clearly defined requirements and standards of location of industrial buildings, as well as the presence of these necessary conditions, such as drinking and industrial water, the presence of ventilation, lighting and heating device production facilities on the basis of the area required for a comfortable production process, and others.

industrial sanitation is a system of measures aimed at preventing exposure to harmf

ul factors of production personnel.This helps prevent a variety of occupational diseases.Hazards Production just lead to a deterioration in the health of staff and as a consequence, disease.

production factors on severity of hazards and risks are divided into four categories:

  • 1st category - optimum working conditions.
  • 2nd category - acceptable labor conditions that can cause a variety of physical and functional abnormalities, but after a good rest the body returns to normal.
  • 3rd category - bad working conditions to varying degrees.Bad hygiene factors are higher than the norm and have a negative impact on staff and can badly affect the offspring of workers.In terms of exceedance factors of the third category is divided on harm and danger to four degrees.

  • 4th category includes very dangerous and extreme working conditions that shift or for short period of time can lead to serious diseases, lesions of varying degrees of the body and pose a threat to life.Work in such severe and extreme conditions is prohibited.Exceptions are the elimination of the consequences of various accidents and disasters and carrying out emergency repairs.In such conditions, labor activity should be carried out using a variety of personal protective equipment, and in strict compliance with regulated rules for these situations and modes.

industrial sanitation - discipline is very important.Compliance with the rules it is necessary to preserve the life and health of personnel.Proper organization of the manufacturing process can significantly reduce the level of occupational diseases.