Prisons Russia - places where it is better not to get

Probably not a terrible place for a man than a prison.Places where there are no relatives, where there is no support and care.Only cold and gloomy wall with small windows, and even at all without them.Russian prisons can permanently become a "family home" for those who have stumbled and had to be punished.

"Otsizhu for the sins of others ..."

Nobody in life is not immune to misconduct.Each, for various reasons, may one day be on the other side of the lattice.And if for some the word "Butyrka" associated with popular music groups, while others are familiar with the place firsthand.

Butyrskaya Prison - one of the largest prison in Moscow, which is on a street near the Novoslobodskaya Butyrskaya outpost between the apartment buildings.The prison known since the late 18th century.Many famous faces were her prisoners.For example, N. Bauman, Dzerzhinsky, VV Mayakovsky, E. Pugachev.One of the towers of the prison even bears the name of his "guest" - Pugacheva.Strange sounds sometimes audible from her

basement.Maybe it was punished by the cries of the innocent souls?In a word, terrible area.

second place among the famous dungeon occupied by "Crosses".The prison was called because of the peculiarities of their structure.Criminals sentenced to solitary confinement, get it here.At this point, plan to relocate the prison outside the city, and to sell the building (and for a tidy sum!).

Next in the list of "known Russian prisons" - Lefortovo prison - a place characterized by cruelty and rigor.Dungeon founded in the 19th century and was at first "refuge" petty thieves and robbers.The building has four floors, each of which fifty cameras.Lefortovo "bullpen" shrouded in mystery and darkness.Until now, there has not been able to get to any journalist.So no one knows what there is life inside.

The worst prison Russia

so happened that some places of detention over other prisoners suggest fear and terror.The most horrible and brutal prison nicknamed "Black Dolphin", in the Orenburg region.According to the number of seats it is the largest colony, which in its history, "do not miss" no hostage.This is also called the prison a place for suicide, because there serving a sentence for life.Prisoners' Black Dolphin "- this is the most brutal murderers and rapists, cannibals and terrorists, arms which killed thousands of innocent people.

Throughout the day in prison prohibit sit on the beds, and a walk conclusions are always blindfolded.Condemned willy-nilly turn into obedient robots zombies.But even such a life can be used.

second worst place for criminals - "White Swan", which is contingent - prisoners convicted of very serious crimes.Serving life in this area is completely dispel myths about the distant nineties.There had been broken more than one "thief in law".


Russian prison in the Russian Federation of the existing colonies of 35 739 women.Ten of them can serve their sentences together with the child (Samara, Sverdlovsk region, Khabarovsk, Chelyabinsk, Vladimir, Moscow and Kemerovo region).

Often, women are in prison, when he was pregnant.The birth of a baby does not affect the sentence (only in some cases can reduce the term).The life of these "mothers" looks a little better - the power utility, and walks - long, so many and keep their pregnancy because of just such indulgences.After birth, the children are allowed to spend only a few hours a day.Upon reaching the age of three the child or give it to a children's home or close relatives.If not, a crowded orphanage, it is likely that Russia will become a prison for kids' houses. "

Life goes

Those people who go to prison for the first time, there is always the thought, "Well, that's all!Life is over .... "But this is not so.Jail life does not end, but on the contrary, begins a new one.New rules, new society, new interests and activities.

prisoners have their daily routine, which, in addition to the work, there is a place to rest.Many Russian prisons are equipped with sports facilities, a library, a lounge, where you can see documentaries or movies.There is a prison and its small churches, because never too late to repent.

If we talk about the work, the light is not working in the prison.Basically the prisoners engaged in casting of steel, wood and sewing all sorts of useful things.And while away the time, faster, and some penny you can earn.

God's ways are inscrutable ...

No one in this life, never, from what is not insured.An exemplary and law-abiding citizen today tomorrow can become repeat offenders.Serving life - a re-education, rebirth, a new outlook on existence.And though most brutal lifelong prison Russian (like "Black Dolphin" and the "White Swan") depressing and fear, it is important to remember that it has a completely different life.