Russian Post: rarely positive reviews

You know, there are good workers, and there are bad.So, the Russian Post, reviews of which I want to consider in his article, is not characterized by neither the first nor the second.It independently employed its own special class (one might even say, caste), and which can be called - "Russian Post employees."And they are much worse than other institutions.

¬ęBut why Russian Post, which reviews the work and so bad, continues to employ such incompetent employees?" - You ask.To answer it is not necessary to dig deep, you can simply look at the level of their salaries.On the one hand, I certainly understand those people who have to sit for pennies on the dull work, no career opportunities and serve sometimes very hamovatyh customers.But, dear employees of the organization "Russian Post", reviews of which are full of negativity, you have chosen a job.Therefore, regardless of its dullness do not have to be rude to the people who came just to send a letter to expel pensioners who oh how difficult even to get

to your office and throw a broom to customers (yes - yes, this also was).

By the way, it seems that Russian Post reviews about themselves do not really take into account.This is doubly frustrating, because if it took into account the opinion of customers, then the conflict would be much less.Repeatedly people complained about the refusal to accept their documents too short a time (sometimes post offices in different cities were open only from 10.00 to 14.00), and on the boorish behavior of employees.But most of all negativity EMS Russian Post, reviews of which are already beginning to acquire anecdotal shape, causing those who use it to receive packages.If you delve into reading, you can count hundreds, if not thousands of stories, which tell of lost or broken technical devices (especially phones), torn or completely lost clothing or things that come to the recipient in many years.It should be emphasized that the long delays in receiving parcels has become the norm in this establishment.

the way, the postal services of other countries have already heard about the problems with the shipment to Russia, so they are ready at any time to meet its clients and replace nedoshedshy goods.In preparation for writing the article, I even met history, when employees USPS (US Postal Service) tried to contact the Russian postal workers to know about the status of the parcel, which could not get into the hands of the recipient.Of course, they did not work, and the Americans were shocked by the confusion going on there (not surprising, since the US is huge mail assigned role).

Curiously, you can even find pictures of how the products are delivered.They depict the chaos, a lot of boxes that are thrown from one to another porter, often while falling to the floor.And then we wonder who came of parcels?

So I sincerely hope that someday Russian Post reviews of all the same to take note and correct the situation.And yet, as they say, we have what we have.