Printing cards as a business

It would gradually this market segment has to go into oblivion.After all, we often communicate with family and friends on Skype or e-mail, and even with colleagues and partners - and even more so!But in fact, the prospects for business there.And just at small businesses.If you are printing cards in thousands of copies - rather, it is "overproduction", the production of greeting cards for individual orders and small quantities is becoming increasingly popular.

Think about it: buy cheap printed materials, mainly poor people.If something is sold - for example, printing postcards with the Christmas demand has exceeded several times - in the next season is difficult, if not impossible to sell the entire edition.We have much to cut prices, and sometimes even selling below cost.But needlework production of postcards booming.What is the secret?Rather, an individual approach.In the very "soul nested."Thanks to the printing of postcards printing press can not be replaced, because it is hands craftswomen cards

give the originality and uniqueness.

try to look at the prospects of the business on the other side.Suppose, printing cards - this is exactly what seems to us an attractive lucrative.And it really can be that, if we can observe several conditions.Firstly, the production of cards, put on stream, now no longer in vogue.Much more interesting to work with individual orders, where the development of the design and choice of materials - all selected by the customer who is willing to pay.What are his motives will carry several times higher expenditures on postcards?First of all - the prestige.After all, the counterparty (which may be more than one hundred) or with potential client received a custom postcard in the mail, will be at least moved.Supervisory people pay attention to high quality, which made printing postcards, and unusual materials and unique design.Subconsciously, the credibility of such a partner will be much higher.If he is so meticulous in the details, what books an individual print postcards - means to him it is to deal with.

second very important aspect: the originality of images and design.To do this, of course, is to invite a professional artist who can penetrate our concept.In no event should not be used "borrowed" pictures or drawings.We will save a pittance, and the potential loss of reputation for the firm can be devastating.Copyright must be observed.In fact, many artists make printing postcards with their works not only additional earnings, but also a successful advertising.Therefore, we can try to find an artist, and agree with him on that, on what rights you can use his drawings and paintings for your projects.Next is to determine the potential customers who are likely to be medium-sized and large enterprises.They have the money for such a "trifle" as printing postcards, and in addition, they are well aware that this is a fairly cheap way to attract attention and strengthen relationships with customers and partners.It's one thing when a partner for the holiday will receive an e-mail greeting as a blueprint, addressed thousands more recipients, and another - when he opened the envelope and read the signature requirements with the handwritten signature of the sender.