The total project construction organization

Construction of any object, regardless of its characteristics, is conducted on specific rules and standards.Before proceeding directly to the case, a draft organization of construction.This separate document should not be confused with a set of working documents.On the basis of this development it is determined by the place of work.For example, if the construction of the plant is planned for the site, which is far away from the city and Communications, it is first necessary to pave the way to mount the power line and fence the designated areas.

Under current regulations in the Russian Federation considered the project of construction of a mandatory instruction for all companies and organizations that are involved in the works.Among them, of course, customers, contractors and the structures that carry out financing and logistics construction.Just after its receipt and agreement with all the above-mentioned organizations, each of them is able to start work on the site.Most often, the development of the

project for the construction of a general contractor performed.If necessary, it can charge its specialized design organization.

On the basis of this document, a draft of works in the construction of each individual plant.If a common document prescribed sequence of construction of facilities throughout the construction site, then the plan of works created for each structure.For example, in the structure of the company has under construction a boiler, water treatment plant and a nitrogen-oxygen station.In what order they will be built determined the general plan of construction.But in what terms and with what technologies will be built, each of them has already been said in the draft of the work.

Construction Management Project comprises two main sections: 1st - a building master plan;2nd - schedule of works.Based stroygenplana whole area is divided into specific areas.Since the building is always associated with large amounts of materials, mechanisms and structures, they need somewhere to place.A place for temporary storage of steel structures can not be set up, where work will begin next week.Just from this simple example, we can conclude that the good workmanship document provides smooth operation throughout the construction.

If you do not solve the problem, then the schedule will be adjusted and continually violated.But based on the schedule being the allocation of resources and mechanisms between under construction.From all this it is evident that for smooth and systematic work on the site is necessary to project construction organization developed with all the technological and organizational features.Run it capable experts with the necessary experience was in the construction business.