Lars: risk zone

Caucasus Mountains - one of the youngest on the planet.They stretch from the coast to the shores of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, covering many republics of the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia.Among them: South Ossetia, Georgia, and North Ossetia.Home


There is a great opportunity to get to Georgia by air and not by sea, and conventional ground transportation - car.For this purpose today do not require visas for Russians.Although a recent visit to the Georgian representation was necessary.Lars - a town, where the checkpoint.It is through him and passing travelers, following Georgia.This path is chosen all who need to get to the republics of Transcaucasia, Turkey and Iran.

And the beginning of the road takes in Vladikavkaz, Republic Ossetia-Alania.From the town can be reached by bus, taxi to the village in the mountains.The length of the path is only 40 km away - not very long road.Lars - this is checkpoint on the border with Georgia.Border Crossing operates around the clock, but it shou

ld not cross on foot, and on any transport.Next - CAT Daryal, the former name of which Kazbegi.After passing the first 10 km on the territory of Georgia, the traveler meets the first village - Stepantsminda.

Attractions Gorges

road through the village of Verkhny Lars passes through Daryal Gorge.This is a very beautiful place.In good weather you can make wonderful pictures of mountain landscapes.Many tourists make a stop in the village of Stepantsminda, where there are hotels, shops and KHINKALI HOUSES.You can visit the Church of the Holy Trinity.It offers panoramic views of Mount Kazbek.Amateur photographer took lots of pictures with views of the famous snow-capped peaks.But the mountain roads are very complicated and dangerous.Often they bombarded natural disasters in the form of avalanches, debris flows, eruptions.

Element in Georgia

One of the devastating mudslides came May 17, 2014 in the Daryal Gorge.This event made it impossible to travel through the checkpoints - they are closed.The road through the Upper Lars is closed temporarily.To get on the territory of Georgia, it is necessary to change the route and to get any other way.The element of damage caused, and the inhabitants of villages, which are located in the gorge.Lifeguards are on duty and able to evacuate if there is a threat to them.

pass through the checkpoint stopped cars: Georgian Military Road is blocked.Villages Lower and Upper Lars Chmi were in suspense for a long time.Those tourists who came to Georgia to mudflow, had to return home by Armenia and Azerbaijan.Both sides have accumulated a huge amount of heavy vehicles who did not manage to cross the border to the elements.

recovery movement

customs officials temporarily evacuated because of the constant threat of flooding.In the villages on duty machines firehouse.She worked as a speakerphone, to inform the population about the threat.In order to fully restore all the damage inflicted by the elements, it requires almost a year of work.Therefore, over the stream it was built a temporary road that might have been missing transport.Upper Lars checkpoint earned in a month - 16 June.The two sides sent more than two thousand cars.The weather conditions, heavy rains, were not allowed to start working at full capacity.In addition, not all know that the checkpoint was open.But gradually, the process went on track.When the main path is restored, and the transition to it from the time the road is not yet clear.But the reconstruction underway.

Daryal Gorge - risk zone

After the events of May 17, when due to the disaster has been blocked Terek and was a threat of flooding of villages and PPC in the gorge installed special radars.They need to catch all the fluctuations of rocks and fix them.Due to radar warning systems and in August the service received a signal - an alert about the dangers.Population and CPT workers have been evacuated in time.August 20 in Daryal Gorge landslide.The road was blocked again.Georgia, the Upper Lars checkpoint and closed again.Work is underway to clean and restore the damage caused by the elements.Guide promises that in 10 days everything will be done and the transition work.Elgudzha Hokrishvili - a Georgian Minister for Regional Development, which deals with problems of infrastructure.Ministry of Georgia plans to implement a project that will help build a defense for the way in Daryal Gorge: in the future, either sat or landslides could not harm the environment.Especially that such accidents claim the lives of motorists and residents of nearby villages.Thanks to the rescuers who saved the life of truck drivers and construction workers HPP was slightly injured.