Consolidated budget - is a set of budgets of all levels and state influence on the way the system of market relations?

One of the main conditions for the full existence of the modern state of our country and in particular in the market system of economic relations, of course, are the taxpayers' money.In the XXI century, this factor can be called basic.Although still some relevant circumstances, such as national or religious affiliation, the culture of society and ethnic territory inhabited by one or another nation.However, without the necessary amount of money seized from their own populations, national idea and honest leadership, such a country can be called a union of ethnic, religious, territorial or other accessory.Resources originally aimed at ensuring the state budget form.They are united at the regional level in the consolidated budget of the region, form the regional budgets and the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation in the end.Thus, following a precise hierarchy, replenished the treasury of the country.And the state has considerable capital, highly skilled management and a national idea will be pros

perous and flourishing homeland for their own people.

consolidated budget revenues

Funds directed to replenish the treasury, have a significant number of sources, the ministries, managers and consumers.A consolidated budget - is already the general fund, which brings together all the sources of replenishment of the treasury at all levels for their further use by the government in meeting the diverse needs of our beautiful homeland.From an economic point of view, the term refers not only to the nation-wide instrument to consolidate the country's resources, but also applies in other areas, where the method of calculation and implementation of the funds needed.Thus, the consolidated budget - is also an element of the economic activities of any business entity.It provides a stable financial functioning as a small business, and the whole state.The notion of national consolidated budget - is kind of basket, which fall into all sorts of government fees, taxes, licenses, excise taxes and other funds raised by the executive.It is divided three main sources of revenue:

  • the federal budget;
  • budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation;
  • budgets of state non-budgetary funds.

State expenditures

market system of economic relations today though is the most effective means of sharing values, constantly wanting to minimize the influence of the state administration in the process of exchange, but it is still not able to fully meet the needs of society without government interference andIt requires certain adjustments.A consolidated budget - is full amount of recovered funds to ensure a certain adjustment of the market system of economic relations in order to more closely meet the needs of the whole of Russian society.