Personal insurance of citizens in Russia.

purpose of life insurance is always a desire to ensure a secure future, regardless of unforeseen circumstances.Insurance companies offer individuals the protection of personal interests (ie, life, health, disability) upon the occurrence of the risk, as well as the opportunity to accumulate some savings.These legal relations involving the insurer, the insured, the insured.

On the basis of a contract of personal insurance the insurer undertakes, in the case of occurrence of certain events to pay (once or periodically) the insured amount paid to them in the interests of the insured person.The insurer pays the insured amount of the insurance premium.

is important to pay attention to the accuracy of the personal insurance contract.This agreement is public and shows the importance of social protection of the individual.The insurance company is required to sign a contract with any applicant insurer and maintain insurance at a set price without individual approach.

The essential terms of the contract in a

ccordance with the Civil Code st.942 necessarily prescribed agreement for the insured person, on the nature of the insured event, the size of the sum insured, the period of validity of the contract.

insured person is issued an insurance policy (certificate, certificate), who is not a treaty, and confirm the conclusion of the contract of personal insurance.

Insurance benefit when the insured event is called collateral.Personal insurance of citizens of Russia provides any interests of citizens connected with the personality of a person.

In personal insurance usually identify several types: life insurance, accident and sickness insurance, medical, pension, cumulative.

occurrence of insurance claims under life insurance is defined as the completion date of the contract to which the insured person lived or death of the insured during the term of the contract (with the exception of suicide and some other facts of death).

insurance against accidents and illnesses are designed to provide the insured upon the occurrence of events bearing damage to life and health and causing additional costs: accidents, illness, disability.

Medical insurance (mandatory and voluntary) - a form of personal security of citizens, which allows in case of the insured event to provide medical care and preventive measures.

Private insurance can be in the form of pension and savings insurance, the distinctive feature of which is a lesser degree of randomness.

Personal insurance in Russia can be voluntary and mandatory.

Mandatory insurance is based on a federal legislative framework for the protection of intresov masses.Types of compulsory insurance provided by the state: mandatory private passenger insurance, personal insurance of servicemen and equated categories of citizens, compulsory health insurance, motor liability insurance.

In the insurance case with any kind of personal insurance the insured person must correctly perform some action to insurance company refused to pay the insurance.Upon receipt of information about the occurrence of an event, you need to declare to the competent authorities, if appropriate (traffic police of the Interior Ministry, the Emergencies Ministry, the Interior Ministry, etc.).On the same day to notify the insurance company about the accident for several days to issue a written statement.The insurer should have a list of necessary documents presented to the insurance company for the payment of support.