Market - an organized securities market

maintain normal levels of functioning of the economy depends on the development of market infrastructure - a set of institutions, the economy, which are responsible for the continuity of its mechanism.Their purpose is to implement the distribution and transfer of financial and trade flows.Exchange operations are carried out within the framework of certain organizational forms, such as shops, markets and fairs, and cash flow contributes to specialized agencies, such as banks.

Exchange - is the most advanced form of market infrastructure.With it made regular trade in goods of the same type, as well as foreign exchange and securities.This contributed to the separation of different types:

1. Currency exchange - a place of transactions on purchase and sale of currencies.Each of them has a specific individual work schedule, which is reflected in the actions of traders who have to take this into account, but they do not always have the ability to react to changes in monetary situations.The foreign exch

ange market is a place for commerce, having no time and territorial boundaries.It is possible to perform operations round the clock, except for weekends and holidays.Currency trading can be as a main occupation and part-time job.

2. Stock Exchange - is an organization whose activity is to provide the required conditions for the work of the normal turnover of securities, information about them and to determine their value in the market.It is intended to create the organizational structure, perform transactions with its values, a clear mechanism for the conclusion and the control system for transactions with a high level of reliability.

3. Commodity Exchange - a sphere created as a mediator, which renders services in the course of transactions on purchase and sale.In addition, it is responsible for the control of operations and support situations.Commodity Exchange carries out regular collection and publication of information on the cost of production and the factors that affect pricing.

4. Job - the institution representing the services of the mediator in the process of employment (both employers and mercenaries).It contributes to the rapid search of a good place of employment in specialty or fill the vacant positions.Job has a huge database of hired personnel and availability for employment.It studies the labor market free of charge and provides advice in terms of the professional interests of the employer.

In light of the growing financial crisis, there were previously unclaimed institutions:

- barter exchange - is the sphere of exchange of one commodity for another without the use of money;

- deposit market, where you can exchange contribution to the troubled bank at the expense of another party.

structure of the market continues to evolve and grow, so very soon we will be able to get acquainted with new kinds of exchanges.