Reflect - it is ... reflective man - is what?

What distinguishes human thinking from the plant, the individual from the stone, the identity of the dust?That allows to rise above the routine of life and look back and analyze the situation, their own mistakes and overcome the uncertainty?That reflection - the ability of the human mind to a critical self-analysis.

Translated from the Latin reflexio - rear-facing.They reflect the personality is not only able to look critically at the world around us, but also to analyze their actions, thoughts and the results of its ability to live within their life experience.This is not a trivial recollection tedding "affairs of bygone days" nostalgia.This thought process that can change for the better future of the individual, his attitudes, his self-determination.

In the psychological treatment reflect - it means consciously and soberly perceive the contents of his mind, his life experiences.

bit of history.Reflection and Spirituality

Reflections attention was paid back in the Ancient Greek Philosophy: So

crates gave priority to the process of human self-knowledge, which became the subject of spiritual activity and its cognitive functions.The man who denies knowledge and refusing self-knowledge, is not able to become a spiritual and moral person is not able to develop.Reflect - it means to grow, to grow spiritually.

Plato and Aristotle reflection and thinking are attributes inherent to the demiurge, the divine mind.Only the super-intelligence, in their understanding, was capable of unity conceivable thoughts.This concept turned into neo-Platonism, asserting that reflection is nothing other than the peacekeeping activities of the deity.This theory makes sense and is found in modern interpretations.The fact that the reflexing may be performed from two perspectives.The first position - occurs when an individual interpretation: Z reflexing.Who knows me better than myself, and can analyze my thoughts and aspirations?Only myself.

second position - no-Z reflexing.But who except me can get into my mind?Only God has the properties of the individual.

Thus, a believer is not just myself and experiencing They reflect their actions, it scans their experiences, thinking about how God relates to his conduct.Righteousness if his life if he is guilty.

result of this reflexing doubles, and the effect of such introspection is certainly more powerful.

reflective man

In many philosophical concepts of reflection is regarded as one of the more important properties of consciousness.In accordance with this statement conscious and thought can be considered only those beings who are aware of their state of mind.Simply put, a person is not able to examine their mental state, can not be called thinking.Emotional and creative, but not thinking.

Reflection newborn is zero - he perceives the world around him for granted, the parents - as an absolute component of this world.In the process of growing up and growing autonomy from parental care, increasing the individual begins to see and comprehend the contradictions.It gives him acceptance or rejection of parental authority, critical reflection behavior of loved ones.The mechanism of reflection launched, and now people can only improve and grow spiritually and morally.

reflexes in individual people can not be the same.Level and it varies depending on the age of the person.The most active and has the amplitude of the reflection at the beginning of the development of the human personality - at the stage of childhood and adolescence, youth.By the middle of life reflection considerably diminishes the rhythm, and the end of life and at all stops.

it possible to develop your reflexes?

As has become clear, reflect for anyone - it's like to grow up on a spiritually.Is it possible to work on this process to encourage their spiritual and moral development?

What does it mean to reflect?Simply put, reflect - it means to respond to external stimuli.The conflict, problems, confrontation, dialogue, choice, doubt - all this happens to a person every day.The more a man of such experience, the richer his reflective amplitude.

reflective man - a kind of psychoanalyst own, able to pose the problem and find a solution to their own experiences in their experiences.

peculiarity of the living mind is that it needs only a little to see and hear, that he could not long then contemplate.You can try the method of thoughtful reconsideration of the artwork in relation to any person.How many hours do you think about just read a book, watched movies, seen the film?An hour, a day, a week?Are you projecting the events from the book itself, trying to analyze whether their actions in the context of the art scene?

This is your reflexive training.A kind of reflection exercise can recommend writing out on a piece of the most significant and important issues that concern you throughout life.Collect them in one place, try to note the questions markers of different colors and figure out what most of your questions.About the meaning of life?About your business?About relationships with others?On the material component?About future?

analyzed so your expectations, you can continue reflection in the most problematic areas, and continuing to become completely his own spiritual development.

gender approach

There is a theory of gender mainstreaming in the process of reflection.According to this stereotype implies that women are more inclined to reflection than men, and this is due, allegedly, to the more subtle mental regulation of the fairer sex.This controversial statement has no scientific proof.

There are a number of observations of scientists-psychologists, which marked a different manifestation of reflection among representatives of different sexes.

example, found that women with low levels of reflection, are more inclined to uphold their own interests to the detriment of the other.Simply put, low intelligence, not the individual reflectors female more scandalous and have a feisty character.While reflectors female representatives prefer to find a compromise and escape from the scandal than zameshennym be in conflict.

reflective man, on the contrary, in a conflict situation serves fighter to defend their interests.Men with a minimum measure of reflection will show in a conflict situation adaptive, Opportunistic behavior.

So, summing up the above, we can say with certainty that reflect - it means to be a person thinks, feels, analyzing.This property of human nature makes us different from other members of the living world, and this property can bring the human person to a new, qualitatively new level of development.