As distinguished from the goose goose: external, behavioral and anatomical characteristics

breeding geese is today one of the most profitable businesses.Not every aspiring fancier knows how to distinguish from the goose goose.Meanwhile, it is very important to achieve the optimum ratio of the females and males in the herd.

How to distinguish from gander goose by their appearance

Photo heterosexual individual specimens of waterfowl are almost identical.But when comparing males and females of closely grasp the difference can be.Some breeds of geese have a pronounced bump at the base of the beak, it is larger in size than the geese.And the majority of females of this species, and it is non-existent.But, for example, Lind geese breed does not have this distinctive emblem.

As distinguished from goose gander of this type is quite difficult inexperienced poultry farmers, it is important to remember that the males are usually much larger than females.And the weight of a lot more.But as distinguished from the goose goose in size and weight, you can only stage where geese reared from childhood

, and provided that all are healthy, this feature can not guarantee one hundred percent correct answer.After the appearance of some species of waterfowl is practically identical.Well, how to distinguish from the goose goose appears on its face, a photo of which is almost a mirror image of each other?

«And Bring on, Goose, my voice!»

Almost all males and females differ in their birds "singing" or, more simply, the reproduced sound.But here gusevodov be disappointed.If crowing rooster will not be confused with clucking hen, the cackling geese and ganders also very similar.But experienced gusevody know how to distinguish from goose gander at the hearing.They argue that the male voice rougher than that female, husky.Goose same gogochut lingering, pleasant to listen to them.

Guess the sex of the bird can walk on

As distinguished from the goose goose by their appearance is rather difficult, many poultry farmers offer to do so, based on their habits.For example, the tip may be hiding in the walk waterfowl.Gussaki speak proudly occupy the herd is usually a dominant place.Geese prefer to follow the leader, not looking ahead and overtaking him.

If you closely monitor their pets, we can mention the fact that females, even at a young age often sit down as if showing fatigue.Gussaki prefer to remain standing, staring into the distance, like a carefully guarded their wards.

Morale ganders distinguished from geese

Another thing, if the herd several Gusakov.That's really time to gusevodom problem arises because the problem!But here experienced poultry indicate some important signs of sexual behavior.

males geese, as well as throughout the animal kingdom, creatures are aggressive, pugnacious.This is especially true in the community where live side by side two or more males.Although sometimes and geese are not averse to show its militant character.

especially martial are samochki while incubating eggs and when it comes to the protection of offspring.And sometimes it happens is that suddenly balked or goose, or the goose, and does not want to take in the overall family bred another couple of geese.The case may come to a fight, which could well be the instigator and a female.

anxiety and excitement will open the secrets of sex

Still, sometimes even the knowledge of all the above features does not help distinguish between poultry farmers ganders of geese.It is particularly difficult to do in a very young age, when weight and height of individuals a little different, but the voice has not yet taken shape.

In this case, the tips can serve as an attentive observation of the youngsters during a stressful situation.It is not necessary, of course, specifically to scare birds, make them no reason to worry.Simply release the goslings in the water for a swim.Joy - it is also quite strong emotions that the birds will not fail to demonstrate.

So at the moment when the geese see the body of water, they immediately begin to violently express their excitement.And samochki begin actively "bow" and cackle and males horizontally elongated neck and hissed.Similarly behave geese at any age at the time of fear, excitement, delight.Try to get past the goose-herd - once you pay attention to birds!And bowing to distinguish from the geese ran forward and bravely militant Gusakov, which are almost parallel to the ground stretched his neck in the cellar.Only hardly anyone will be calm in this situation and would be sensible to talk about sex a particular individual.Surely mind on who sent goose aggression, will fight only questions such as: how to save, how to get out of a difficult situation with minimal losses.

Chief sexual characteristics geese

There is one more, the most reliable and sure way to distinguish females from males.It is extremely important for some species of geese that have the above symptoms are expressed less clearly.For example, the question of how to distinguish from the goose goose Lind breed, can be answered only by the presence of the penis at the gander.

should know that this body is in geese in the cesspool - prints the hole under the tail.See it virtually impossible as it rolled into a spiral and is hidden inside.Therefore inspection should be able to reveal the cesspool goose individuals.It is very important at this time not to injure the delicate skin of the hole and genital organ itself, because we must act with the greatest caution.

will help you understand how to differentiate from the goose goose, goose photo viewing cloaca.Bird during the procedure should be turned on his back, holding his head so that she could not resist pinching and human.Then, very carefully between thumb and index finger pushing the cloaca.If visible inside collapsed into a spiral curl, then inspect the individual belongs to a male.Similarly, it should be assumed that the lack of it indicates that the individual is rather a goose than a gander.