Documents for a tax refund when buying an apartment

Taxation significantly reduce our revenues.By the way, the citizen must pay taxes to the state with any deal that allowed him to make a profit and do any financial transactions.However, the government is doing everything possible to reduce the amount that is charged per person.One such attempt to change the tax is a legislative decision made in 2001 and recorded in the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.This so-called deduction.By the way, the right to such a benefit available to all citizens residing in the country and regularly paying taxes.Deductions are standard and proprietary.The standard deductions are often children.That is, people who are the parents of one child or several children can not pay such high taxes to the state, like those people who have no children.

But property deductions - a tax refund that is paid when buying or selling an apartment or house.That view can take advantage of the benefits of each owner, but only one time in his life.And if the standard deductions simple, the pro

vision of property deductions are some important nuances, which we will discuss below.

The fact is that in order to get the data deductions, you must give the documents to the tax office for a tax refund when buying an apartment.And this is a package that includes: a contract for the sale of the apartment (the statement attached copy of the agreement), a certificate that confirms the acquisition of property and registration of ownership, proof of what you paid the tax, and the amount of tax, andalso some evidence that you have personally paid money for this apartment or a house.It may be a check, a receipt, a receipt from the former owner who sold you a house.Also you need to take help from the financial department of the company where you work.This document must confirm that you regularly pay income taxes.

By the way, after a set of documents to be collected, you must report to the tax office and apply for a refund of overpaid tax.The form of this document, as well as an example of its completion you will be given on the spot.This paper attach all the help you have collected, after which the case will be considered on the return.Within six months, you pay this deduction.

issues and on how to draw an income tax refund when buying land.The fact that in this case, deduction from the purchase itself is not carried out, as in the case of the apartment or house.However, if you buy land, you have the opportunity to return the income tax.To do this, you must provide all the necessary information about what you are serviceable taxpayer few years, and prepare documents confirming the facts of sale of land, property registration and evidence that you have paid the n-th sum of money to the former owner of the land uchatska.All this you bring in nalogovuyuyu service, write a statement, the form of which will be given to you on the spot and documents collected in advance is attached to this paper.

By the way, if you have children, the situation is somewhat different.Documents for a tax refund when buying apartments will also include a birth certificate of children under the age of majority.Then the amount of the deduction will be even higher than the one for you.However, this is only possible if the child is the owner of the apartment, and has not reached 18. After 18, it may itself apply for a tax refund when buying an apartment, and also receive money.However, this would mean that its right ischuschestvennogo deduction he has already used, the more he can not do this.

What else is important in this procedure?Note: documents for tax refund when buying an apartment must be submitted not later than 2-2.5 years after the commission of the sale.Once the period when you are the owner of the apartment, up to 3 years, you will automatically lose the right to a refund of tax in the home.However, if you purchase next again can exercise this right.