How do I find tax arrears without problems

Very often people wonder how to find tax arrears.Taxes are collecting money, both individuals and legal entities.They will be charged directly by the state.

All of us - the people, and we understand that keep track of everything is physically impossible.You could lose an important and necessary receipt, forget to pay the debt, but something altogether might not know ... But ignorance of the law of responsibility, unfortunately, or fortunately, does not relieve.

But thanks to the Internet, if you want to find out how to recognize tax debts, everything becomes much easier.You want to know the amount of tax you have to pay at some point?

So, how do you know the tax debts?To find this information, you will not have to drive across town to the tax office, stand in queues truly enormous amount of time, and all only in order to get only a specific statement, will not have to bother talking with operatorsin order to explain the problem.This is not the fact that you will be able to help and give the right

information.Online service will actually be able to easily replace you with all these procedures.You just need to visit the site in taxes payable to drive there the data, and is literally a couple of seconds you will witness the amount that at the moment you have to state a question like "how do we know taxes payable" You worry more about notwill be.

To find out the amount of debt on taxes, you must:

  1. Go to the link - FSSP.
  2. Before you open the site itself of the Federal Bailiff Service.
  3. Note on the menu to the left and there select it tab "Information Systems".
  4. pop-up window will need to choose the tab "database of enforcement proceedings."At this point it will be possible to know the debt of both legal entities and individuals.
  5. If you look a little lower, your eyes will open three more additional tabs on individuals (ie a single particular person) to legal entities (for example, an organization) and IP number (the individual entrepreneur).Select the desired.Select a region
  6. registration in the territorial authority (for example, you are registered on the passport of the Republic of Altai).
  7. type the name of a particular company (for legal entities) or surname, name and patronymic (for individuals).
  8. In order to further reduce the time searching, you can drive as additional information.For example, a specific day, month, year.But to do it is actually optional, your time, and so will be greatly saved.
  9. system Enter the requested code from the image.It is necessary to check whether you are a real person or is it a computer.

After all the above steps you'll get a table with information about the debt or will reply: "Your search did not match."If there was the last option, be thankful you do not have our native state.If you need to find out information about the transport tax, is doing all the same.If you have debt, you will be informed about it.Here and debts on loans for utility services and others.

And how do you know the debt to the pension fund?

If the employer pays the premiums for you, you will get a letter from the pension fund, which will state the amount of the premium.
If the organization has accrued, but not to pay contributions, on the size of your pension will not affect this fact, since the PF is in court or voluntarily to collect contributions from the employer.If you are IP, without further delay, follow in the PF, where you will be given a reconciliation calculations.