Personnel reserve - is ... formation of personnel reserve.

In modern society, one of the main directions in the personnel management system is the preparation and organization of personnel reserve.This area is very important in the organization.Personnel reserve - a key part and an important part of any personnel action.At present, very important it is to carry out the relevant work for the improvement of the reliability and security of the enterprise.What is this notion of what his role in the organization, objectives, principles and types, what is talent management?

Disclosure essence of the concept

Personnel reserves - is the formation of a certain composition of the staff, held a preparatory selection (evaluation) and have the required potential for the performance of duties in his new job on time.This measure is mainly applied in commercial structures, with the state, numerous public-political and social institutions also provide it to solve their own problems with the staff.

other words, personnel reserve - a certain potential employees the compa

ny planned to have been translated into the required position.

This margin candidates is conditional structure.Personnel reserve (professional stock) has the ability to be both internal and external.As for internal reserve, it is made up of employees of the company and distributed to the operating and perspective.Operational - a staff that has replaced the superior control and is ready for any additional training activities to occupy certain positions.Perspective - a staff with great potential, but with the need for additional training measures.Formation of the external reserve has the ability to be, by definition, managers, t. E. For vacancies now be reasonably held by the applicants.Apart from this, the external reserve has the ability to organize a forced, if the enterprise of any factor in the high rate nepostoyannstva employees.

formation of personnel reserve contributes to unleashing the potential of staff, and can also help in case of urgent necessity at the close of staffing "gaps".What specifically will organize a professional stock - external, internal, or both at once - decides to head the company.


formation of personnel reserve has the following objectives:

  1. Warning probability of a crisis in care cases, employees who hold the primary position.
  2. Supply Company store of highly professional and efficient staff are ready to improve the business in accordance with the established strategy and culture.
  3. retention and motivation of professional leaders and control.
  4. Maintaining a positive reputation of the employer.
  5. Lowering the costs of the selection and adaptation of a new employee.

Thus, the personnel reserve organizations is very important in the formation and development of any further education.Personnel reserve - the development and prospects of the enterprise.

Work program

formation of personnel reserve as a system of targeted actions traditionally covers the following steps:

  1. certain positions, who are in the risk zone, - performed by means of specific measures, for example: consideration of the labor market in the region;estimates of the number of applicants for the vacant post exercises;parse the value of the position for the company;assessment of the situation occurring with the staff on site.
  2. formation profile positions - adjusts the level of competence of the candidate, that he successfully coped with the tasks set before him.Traditionally held an interview with the heads of reservists, and then parse the data displayed special section, which should correspond to a candidate for the position.
  3. evaluation and further selection of applicants - are conducted with the use of some of the performance characteristics of the employee.In the bulk of cases are compared the data with the help of newfound evaluation activities produced by activities and information compiled by estimating the potential, knowledge and other criteria, which is a candidate for the moment.
  4. organization of personal development plans - is carried out taking into account the requirements of becoming available and the company's strategy.This measure can help to distribute the reservist short resources and understand how to achieve the stated goal.The course of study is planned so that, by participating in various seminars, completing challenging projects, interning, the employee enrolled in the personnel reserve, are able to develop specific knowledge and skills that are needed in the transition to a new post.
  5. Appointment to a new location.

work with the personnel reserve can be carried out and special models that are produced by the enterprise itself or borrowed from the more successful variants of formation.

technology works

There are a number of sources of information:

  • interview when receiving the service, which provides the basic notion of cadre reserve, foundations and possible career paths of formation;
  • information sheet of the company, which is informed of the vacancy, the requirements for the applicants, that at what time the contest was appointed to the personnel reserve;
  • Consultancy;
  • in all divisions has a position on the talent pool available to all employees.

regard to the situation, it is necessary to explain a little more, because it is an important document that regulates basic direction of all activities.
document pursues and achieves goals that are competent placement and education, training of personnel structure in case of replacement of posts at various levels in the municipalities and other government entities.To this end, the program provides systematic professional development of candidates for positions.

This act traditionally consists of the following sections:

  1. General, which specifies the situation of adjustable, predetermined by the main installation work with the stock of employees.It also provides an explanation of the main objectives of the work with the reserve staff, and in particular:
    - what a reserve of employees;
    - the essence of the system with redundant staff;
    - which issues permits fact reserve personnel;
    - what you need to design the personnel reserve;
    - which sources the organization reserve personnel.
  2. order of formation.This section sets out how and on the basis of the approach created a reserve of employees in the organization.
  3. Organization of direct action.

provides the basic problem:

  • Calculation of reserve personnel.
  • designation applicants.
  • rank applicants.
  • Sorting the results of evaluation of applicants in reserve.
  • Organization of reserve personnel and the establishment of a list of the heads of the company.
  • Creation and implementation of programs for the provision of preparations.
  • Appraisal of employees: characteristic, reports on the implementation of orders, an expert valuation;analysis of the results of the evaluation.Result: negative assessment - off of reserve require additional preparedness - planning personal training, positive - setting decisions on promotion to higher office.

Apart from the highlights to the Regulation can bring applications that consist of standard documents necessary for the compilation of personnel records, lists of duties and control trainee internship, other necessary amendments.

With the formation of reserves provided the following criteria:

  • experience in the profession.
  • professional characteristics of the particular chief, which includes an assessment of the results of operations, quality of service, the level of skill and competence of the employee, describes its action at critical moments.
  • recommendations colleagues that characterizes communication data of the person, the degree of credibility among employees.
  • holding various psychological tests with the aims of establishing the possible abilities: organizational dispositions, neuro-psychological and emotional stamina to lead the data, the likely hidden potential, stress and others.The results of such research in the most direct influence on the definition of personal and professional qualities of the applicant to place.

for selection preference is given to the most important group of professionals.In these groups represented employees of various qualifications of the control structure to ordinary workers.To set the range of required redundant workers, there is a lot of different techniques.

Basic Principles

Organization and development of personnel reserve is based on the following assumptions:

  • relevance - the need for the position to be valid;
  • according candidates positions and type of allowance - qualification requirements in a particular position;
  • highly promising candidate - the requirements for the development of highly professional, appropriate education the intended position, age criteria, seniority in the interests of the industry, dynamic career in a single, state of health.

Positive aspects

In terms of advantages, the benefits of working with obvious talent pool.Such events will be always necessary, and each organization should take into account this trend in the formation of their own management strategies.

Here are just some of the positive aspects of this area:

  • financial benefit (no need to spend money on the selection and training of new staff);
  • saving time (closing positions as soon as possible);
  • highly skilled staff (employee taken from their own ranks and learned to his own training program);
  • assistance and promotion of its own personnel - policy value of employees (also acts as a motivational factor: workers are not willing to leave the company, where we see clear opportunities for promotion);
  • softer adaptation of a team (the employee does not change, and only changes its position in the service);
  • specialist practically "perfected" by the company, understands the policy and character of the relationship, and adapt quickly to the new position;
  • prospects for stability and competitiveness of any enterprise;
  • increase productivity and efficiency.

Youth reserve

MKP (Youth personnel reserve) is a functional system of formation of youth knowledge, practice and experience that the demand in the labor market.For the accumulation of intellectual and practical skills of university students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and the necessary skills by participating in training sessions, master classes and other events.In particular, to accumulate practical experience during internships in the organs of state.government, banks and other important state and non-state structures.

Those who showed mediocre ability, enlisted in the personnel reserve, created, for example, the Government of Moscow.Youth personnel reserve as the direction is very relevant and, of course, as a promising young professionals, and employers.Possibility of practice and getting all the necessary knowledge in the internship period allows a short time to get bodied and highly skilled professionals.

concept of state reserve

State personnel reserve - a target training group of promising young people who are under the full patronage of the Administration and of the President of the Russian Federation.

This area of ​​not less than promising, and also allows you to achieve effective results through the formation of a professional team of candidates.The list of required qualities and skills is determined individually and is always depending on the job and legislation.

Features provision in the Civil Service Personnel Reserve

in the civil service is based on the profile of the Federal Law, which was adopted in July 2007, № 79-FZ.This is based on the democratic principles of the appointment on the position of people in their practical and professional qualities and achievements in one or another senior post.
In this case, the main thing is the timely rotation of staff, to create conditions for the professional growth of the administrative staff, impartial assessment of the service work that is displayed during the certification tests or delivery of specialized examinations.

Municipal Reserve

Municipal talent pool in an ideal interpretation is a list of individuals who meet the criteria presented to them by the intellectual, professional and practical levels to effectively perform in the future their duties.Its structure also includes professionals who have lost their jobs in the downsizing or elimination of self-governing body.They have gained experience and valuable expertise to lose no one will.

main priority areas of education provision:

  • appointing qualified professionals based on their professional merit and competence;
  • promote career advancement;
  • work to improve the quality of qualification;
  • creation of a professional reserve and its effective implementation;
  • assessment of the outcome of municipal employees by conducting appraisals;
  • use of advanced technology in the selection of employees for admission.

creation of such a reserve intended to frame a rational placement in the vacated positions in the town halls, the constant rotation of talented people in the personnel registry.Features

government reserve

No less significant direction.Personnel reserve of the government up highly qualified, creative, motivated to citizenship and other positive characteristics.All they can work in the government administration in the regions in various capacities or directly to the government, holding the positions of heads of departments, sectors and so on.If the official, for example, working on the periphery of the rank of governor of the region, showed outstanding ability to implement social and economic projects, of course, it will be seen in the government circles.His candidacy likely will bring in the personnel reserve and the need and release the appropriate place will be assigned to a higher position.

Conclusion In summary, we can say with confidence that the personnel reserve - is a powerful and highly effective tool throughout the personnel management system, which allows to solve questions on the broadest scale and policies at the appropriate level.

That's correct and well organized work can bring relevant results.Personnel reserves - this is one of the strongest links in the organization and management of any structure or form.No wonder they say that the cadres decide everything.Working with the talent pool - first of all focus on the needs of the company, the need for management and employees and competent formation of a reserve for further improvement and professionalism.