Underwriter - a ... Work underwriter.

on the territory of the Russian Federation acts "Single wage-rate guide," which has more than 7000 different types of professional activities.It is only on this country.In a world of different professions so much more.And in Russia there are many specialties, are not listed in this guide, is quite rare.Currently gaining popularity profession of which few have heard before.Its name - the underwriter.Speciality enough demand in the current labor market.

underwriter - is ...

Name of profession for the most bizarre and incomprehensible.For this reason, people often ask, hearing the word "underwriter": "Who is it?"Meanwhile, according to an intricate word called one of the major specialties in the field of insurance.If you translate the name of the profession, it means' signature to the risk. "It clearly defines the activity underwriter.Man busy estimation of this specialization, writing up and qualification of existing risks for the formation of the insurance portfolio.

important factor in this,

as in any other profession is the earnings at the end of work.It reaches a high enough level.But the big money associated with a wide range of duties.For this reason, the question: "Who is the underwriter?" Can be answered simply by listing all of the functions it performs: the work with contracts for insurance and policies, risk analysis, consulting agents and managers and the development of techniques and so on. D.

underwriter in banking

This profession exists not only in insurance.Often found in the bank and underwriter.After all, hard to imagine business without credit risk assessment of non-payment of debt.Institutions where the working underwriter - "Savings" or similar joint stock companies that provide a variety of loans to the public.These organizations are required to have such a specialist in his state.Bank Underwriter - a qualified staff working appraisal activities to determine the risk of non-repayment of the loan is issued.This procedure is mandatory should be carried out by each institution of the financial type.

Set the level of solvency of the borrower at the stage of the decision to refuse or grant a loan allows a person's work of the profession.Methods of determination may be quite different, so the employee "Gazprombank" can analyze differently than the underwriter in the "Savings Bank", reviews of borrowers whose positive.But feedback from the banks about the work of these professionals are able to qualitatively affect the salary.

Besides refusal person wishing to take out a loan can be granted to an alternative type of cooperation.It is drafted in different terms for the borrower, and may offer him a different amount.This option is selected in accordance with, what conclusion did underwriter.Because of this failure can not always be based on low pay.

underwriter in the insurance business

in this area has been a professional analysis of possible risks.Underwriter - a person authorized to form insurance portfolio, he has all the rights to make decisions.

Take this position is not easy.Insurance companies put forward a list of demands, which consists in the possession of a variety of technical and practical knowledge, which should have a PhD.Some of this knowledge include those that will properly analyze and draw conclusions about the level of risks, conditions of registration, and the amount of insurance rates.

insurance underwriter must fulfill the main task - is to achieve positive financial results without the risks.This is by adhering to a set of rules and algorithms for action a specialist in portfolio formation.

As a result, the work of the underwriter is directly proportional to whether the company is receiving a good profit, or, conversely, suffer losses.

risk assessment for insurance contracts

Underwriter - a person who has to produce documents in the sight of the conclusion of the contract risks and assigning them to the appropriate qualification for a particular object or person.Also, a man of the profession determines the tariff rates and the conditions under which will be the insurance contract, it is concluded that the possibility of such transactions.

underwriter evaluates all potential risks for the insurance as a person and property.It has all the necessary information about the budget, the formation of reserves and reinsurance, and how to resolve losses.In general, this kind of person, one signature which can cost thousands or even millions.

Responsibilities The responsibilities of the team include:

  1. Carrying out the following:
    • sight of documents on behalf of the company;
    • receiving risks on insurance or reinsurance;
    • qualification risks;
    • determining rates on Tariffs and conditions of the transaction;
    • drawing conclusions about the possibility of signing the contract;
    • a portfolio.
  2. consultation in areas such as the right sight of the documents and the responsibility for the supplied signature.
    • risk assessment.
    • Principles of the insurance portfolio.
    • Legal aspects of operations.
    • financial stability of the enterprise.
    • control budget.
    • Claims Settlement.

main functions

Job underwriter - activities that take place within the next algorithm of actions:

  1. identification for the object to be insured.Verification of documents confirming the rights to the property involved in the contract.
  2. level of risk.Determining the reasons for possible deviation of the object, if the client is suspected of providing false information.
  3. decide on the eventual conclusion of the contract.Underwriting object can be as medical, financial, and professional.In this case, it plays an important role of the expert analyst, authorizing the conclusion, as well as its expertise in predicting the possible development of the situation.
  4. Determining the list of contract terms - both basic and additional.Underwriter is authorized to make a decision about which group risk include the proposed event.On this basis, it has a right to make a contract of insurance are additional conditions it deems necessary, and determine the future course of the transaction.Examples of such additions could be the amount or term of the transaction.
  5. tariff setting, calculation of the amount of premiums.Underwriter conducts its own analysis and sets the amount of compensation according to the norms of the insurance rights and benefits previously received by the company.If the risk of the transaction is high, respectively, increased rates.
  6. signing of the insurance contract.

skills and perspectives

Availability analytical way of thinking is the most important feature of a man who dreams to carry out its activities such as the underwriter.The history of the profession says that the employer pays attention to it.The specialist should be well and quickly navigate the trends accompanying the insurance business, and know the principles of its products.Well, of course, a professional in their field should know foreign languages, usually English.

insurance business in Russia is still great potential for development, so the prospects for underwriters quite extensive.In addition, risk assessors will be needed in other areas.In addition, experienced staff with experience of 2-3 years can count on a post of the chief of the department.


Within the Russian Federation, the largest educational institution that educates students on their insurance programs, a Russian Foreign Ministry MGIMO.It is busy preparing for the establishment of the underwriters.There is also conducted training courses.Getting underwriter profession may be accompanied by further employment if to become a student of the Institute of Management and Business at SUM.

Faculties, training which is associated with insurance, there are many universities with economic bias.Regional universities - places where certificates can also get future successful underwriters.

Pros and cons of the profession

The underwriter activities disabilities can be considered the continuation of merit.Man of the profession, as opposed to an insurance agent, has a stable income as salaried work.Of course, the underwriter can not count on big bonuses, but in contrast, it can be said that he has a fixed monthly income.These specialists are usually enrolled in the staff, which means that they are socially reserved.Profession "underwriter" means work according to a fixed schedule - with days off and holidays.

By cons profession can be attributed the fact that a man accustomed to work with numbers and papers, also need to be able to talk with customers.Well, the biggest drawback of the profession - is, of course, the responsibility imposed by the company.

Selecting the lead underwriter

selection of experts should be made according to the following criteria.

  • analysis of the track record.First we need to find out the level of qualification of the candidate.
  • reliable reputation.In order to carry out large and profitable trades, the underwriter must be respected professionals and partners working in this field.
  • financial conditions imposed on the candidate.It is necessary to take into account the fact that the costs for the services of an underwriter may be a significant amount.