Remembering the classics: Chekhov, "The death of the official," a summary of the

«squeezed out of himself drop by drop servant" - this, according to Chekhov, is the most difficult and the most necessary for human task.People need to be internally free, unfettered spiritually-minded and unbiased.An ardent humanist, writer passionately protested against the state "futlyarnoy" fear of life and the ability to be yourself.He bitterly ridiculed those who dutifully bent back and head before the ranks, kowtow to the authorities in every way samounichizhalsya, he trampled a person.A good example - the story of the writer's "The Death of the official" printed in the humor magazine "Motley stories."

retelling and analysis

In this work succinctly and concisely describes many things - those that hated Chekhov."The death of the official," a summary of which we are now considering, in a nutshell is this.In the theater during the performance Worms clerk (one of the lowest ranks of officials in Russia of the 19th century) accidentally sneezed.The event is the most ordinary, with whom, as they

say, does not happen!As someone brought up, he apologized to the representative of the master, his bald head was accidentally sprayed.Of course, the confusion, but once uttered an apology and "injured" party adopted - all the incident was over.But not for nothing that the story of Chekhov called his "Death of an official."Summary him on the scene ends.After all, "splattered" Brizzhalov - none other than General!Miserable worm in horror, he scared to the animal state.Not realizing that long ago forgiven endlessly bored clerk "to the victim."He literally terrorized General humiliated asking forgiveness and endless explanations.And if at first we, the readers, roared with laughter, saying to myself or out loud ridiculous replica of the hero and presenting his intermittent voice trembling with terror, then it negates all the fun of a single phrase Chekhov."The death of the official," a summary of which we are considering, so ends: official expelled for boring General, I came home, lay down and died.

conflict in the story

Why did it happen?From what the official has died?In his early works, comic writer often uses "speaking" names.Therefore, to bring readers the relevant association, your hero calls it Chervyakov.Chekhov's death official (summary allows you to capture the thought) explains his belittling, disenfranchised, feeling helpless, helpless worm.He is a small man, whom no one notices, with whom no one believed that anyone not interested.And the hero does not argue with such a state of affairs, he humbled himself, and not complain even consider it right!That is the reason for his endless horror!He insignificant worm of the world, dared to sneeze (literally) on the boss!At this point, and should sharpen the analysis of the short story "The Death of officials."Chekhov masterfully conveys the panic sweeping the accident Executor.He is pathetic, but it causes us consternation.Is it possible to the point of being a slave to convention, the social system and hierarchy, to apologize for countless times and die because you supposedly have not forgiven!But Worms dead!And that's because they do not believe in the forgiveness of their own.I can not cope with the fear of life, before the breach of the conventions.That's really scary, said Anton Chekhov."The death of the official," in fact - is the story of the death of man in man, full of the moral degradation of the individual, the spiritual its degeneration.About how the psychology of a slave killed enslaved and free soul.


story is not for nothing is the generalized name of "Death to the official" rather than "Death Chervyakova."For single anecdotal case Chekhov saw a painful condition of the society and makes a diagnosis."Boring you live, ladies and gentlemen!" - A phrase from another work has in common with the one we are analyzing.It sounds a verdict in our days.So, it's time to recover!