What is a passport antiterrorist security schools or cultural object ?Design and sample passports antiterrorist security

Model passport antiterrorist security object is a background paper, is used to determine compliance with the requirements of the object to protect it from the actions of extremist groups or other antisocial acts.


passport antiterrorist security object contains information intended for the official, the official use of the subjects of the government.The main purpose of this document is considered to provide all the necessary information to implement the fight against attacks, carrying out activities to prevent, eliminate or minimize the consequences of acts of extremism.Passport antiterrorist security also includes information about the rules of rendering assistance to victims of illegal activities, as well as carrying out retaliatory operations.

main tasks

passport antiterrorist protection helps:

  1. security measures of energy facilities ensuring proper functioning of the population, as well as a wide range of facilities accumulation of masses of people, such as eating places, markets,
    retail outlets andhotel.
  2. improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the joint efforts towards the subjects of executive power with law enforcement and security agencies to prevent or eliminate the consequences of acts of terrorism, extremist groups and other anti-social acts.

Development Document Passport

antiterrorist security drawn up at the administrative department of the object with the assistance, if the need arises, the expert institution.The guarantee for the completeness and accuracy of the information specified in the document, fully bears the head of the security department of the enterprise or the Deputy Chief of Staff of the object.Antiterrorist passport is subject to mandatory consultation with the authorities of the Emergencies Ministry, the Interior Ministry and the FSB at the territorial level.The validity of the document since its adoption is 2 years, after which it is necessary to re-register.

document form

A passport for antiterrorist protection is considered to be a prerequisite for objects with an increased risk of extremism.These include both the strategically important objects of the Russian Federation, as well as places with a high number of people staying (from 200 and up).So, passport antiterrorist protection of cultural institutions, as well as any other organization, must contain instructions on the organization of a typical protective measures against extremist threats.


If necessary, the information that contains the passport counter-terrorism security may be amended or supplemented.In this case, adjustments are made in each copy of the document stating the reasons for their occurrence and the date of entry.

The passport antiterrorist security required to be amended in such cases:

  1. Changing the legal requirements for the establishment of security and protection of citizens and facilities from terrorist threats.Regulation of the activities carried out by normative acts of the Russian Federation and the Anti-Terrorist Commission (AC).
  2. of written advice from the AK region, local government agencies, or of the FSB in Russia and signed by the head of one of these authorities.
  3. Reconstruction of buildings or premises pasportiziruemogo object redevelopment of its surrounding area, or the end of the overhaul of facilities.
  4. Changing the kind of economic activities of the facility and tenant composition of space in the building.
  5. Making internal changes in the measures to protect an object, such as the re-building of video equipment or other means of control as well as schema change its protection.Under this provision, the necessary changes shall be subject to the passport counter-terrorism security of educational institutions, which were carried out work on the alteration and improvement of security system.
  6. Change of ownership of the object, the legal form of the company or of its name.
  7. Changing the composition of the officials mentioned in the passport, as well as ways to communicate with them.
  8. Convert other important data included in the document or have a direct relationship with protection.

Document Structure

Regardless of whether a passport is made whether counter-terrorism security of the school or any other organization, the instruction includes the following sections:

  1. Index.
  2. General.
  3. Section staff.
  4. analysis and simulations, similar to acts of terrorism.
  5. Measures to ensure the safety of the organization.
  6. forces and means of protection.
  7. Contingency plans.
  8. life support systems.
  9. interaction with law enforcement and regulatory agencies as well as supervisors.
  10. list of the sources from which information was taken.

important thing to protect the object from terrorism

for reliable security organization should take into account some points:

  1. As the facts show, the largest number of terrorist acts carried out performers in the well-studied of objects with carefully traced the specificity and nature of production.This greatly facilitates the preparation of illegal acts, it allows you to apply appropriate means to commit criminal acts, and to find like-minded partners.That is why the extremists choose to perform illegal activities in the field of their current or previous work, where they have a number of friends.
  2. Terrorists constantly improve the plan of undermining the use hardly recognized tactics, trying to disguise them under emergency situations and accidents that have occurred as a result of defects in the process or due to unintentional actions of employees of the enterprise.It is also often illegal activities carried out on specially selected sections of the organization, which destroyed the traces of explosives or use the remote and slow motion.

Signs of a possible illegal act of preparation

There are a number of criteria by which to identify the risk of terrorist threat:

  1. manifestation persons unreasonably high interest in certain moments of the object of activity, the study of the nature of the situation in its environment.
  2. frequent appearance of unauthorized persons, preparation of schemes, carrying a suspicious video or photography.
  3. Excessive interest in the Security Service with the explanation of proprietary or confidential information.
  4. noticed entry of unauthorized persons in the basement or the attic of the object.
  5. Attempting to pass to the territory of the unknown object on the documents, check that does not provide information about their bearer.
  6. providing visitors with false personal data administration and staff of the enterprise.
  7. Trying to carry a bundle, a package, a package object to the territory of the enterprise through an employee for a cash reward.
  8. interest entities to the system of access control companies, protection of vulnerable sections of the study.
  9. Figuring information about the possibility of creating an emergency situation and the consequences of the use of explosives in the conditions of the object.
  10. create conditions for withdrawal of equipment failure and impede emergency.
  11. detection at the site of the accident various suspicious attachments.