What are sofas with wooden armrests

First of all when you select any item of furniture, we draw attention on its outer shell.We are attracted by the color of textiles, which plays a key role in the design, the shade of a tree, the silhouette of the entire structure.This is especially true of upholstered furniture, among which the most popular sofas.Buying such, we take into account the quality of its fabrics, as well as look at the accessories, among them - the armrests.And what do you choose - soft, hard, or at all to buy a model without them - you decide.

Lately very popular sofas with wooden armrests.Typically, these models look more stylish, they fit perfectly into any interior, and combined with the rest of the furniture.Sofa fitted with wooden armrests, can become a complement to the living room, decorated in a classic style, or to be a central part in a minimalist room.

When buying such a model of upholstered furniture is important to consider its aesthetic qualities.It is about a shade tree, which has been used for the manufa

cture of armrests: it must be in harmony with the most interior space, but at the same time we can not allow complete fusion of colors.Your room should look laconic and not be boring and monotonous.Please also note that the sofa with wooden armrests can have a glossy finish or a matte.Which of the two to choose - a matter of taste.

also that this furniture has excellent aesthetic characteristics, it is also extremely practical.Sofa with wooden armrests are not so much dirty as their textile cousins.Due to the fact that Marcos is the place for such upholstered furniture made of solid material and not covered with fabric, easy to care for him.Suffice it to wipe with a damp cloth or with polishes - and everything glistens.Agree, because it is a sofa - a great solution for homes where small children live or a large number of domestic animals.

Talking about the practicality of this furniture element should also be noted that it performs two functions.Sofa with wooden armrests serve you and the couch and the coffee table, which can accommodate books, newspapers, even a cup of tea and a vase of flowers.Therefore, choosing a model with wide armrests, you can not buy decorative tables, chests of drawers and bedside tables that take up too much space.

Such furniture is not always decomposed, and this is perhaps its only drawback.However, there is an exception - Sofa with wooden armrests book flick of the wrist turns into a bed.Of course, even in the unfolded form of a "book" can not replace the double bed, but will be an excellent solution for guests who came unexpectedly.

another transformer, which is characterized by much higher levels of comfort - a corner sofa with wooden armrests.As a rule, this furniture takes a lot of space, but immediately performs a variety of functions.Solid armrests are tables, a sofa very quickly turns into a big bed, and under it there is a large niche.It can be stored as bedding and personal belongings.