What women want to see in the guy of her dreams?

began dating the woman of his dreams, every guy would like to know about her thoughts and desires.And also about how to keep this amazing lady who is currently with him.

So women want and how to behave in order to win the heart of ladies liked?Let's look at all the detail.

How do you know that she wants to receive as a gift?

Any woman like when she made surprises and unexpected.You do not have to present expensive gift, you can just buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or to show their care and to give his beloved some little thing she desired.After such a nice gift in a simple, no holiday cheer up your lady.

What girls want to hear from you?

All representatives of the male knows that women love with their beautiful ears.If you have no idea how to win the lady, telling her more compliments.How frequently reminds her of her virtues, but only about the present.Do not ever embellish, because it may result only hurt her.Compliment should not look like a real flattery.Try to call her affection

ately, for example, cat, honey.But at the same time, remember that if you are in the company's excessive amplification pusi will not be very pleasant.Therefore, to keep the best moments of tenderness, when you are alone.

What guy wants to tell the girl that she loves?

The first woman that appreciates a man who always keeps its promises.He Said - done, gave his word - performed it, and nothing else!Only it will emphasize the fact that you are serious about your beloved.And she can be completely calm, that you're the guy who needs it!

What women want?Maybe courtesy?

all must know when to stop.No need to constantly give a woman and being very kind to her - this may just annoy her.It is the same in either case.Everyone needs to know when to stop, and compliments and gifts as well.If you feel that your courtship you have allowed a girl to do what she wants, the urgent need to express themselves on the other side.We must get tough and show that you love her very much, but you love yourself too !!!It's once again emphasize your virility and even cause it to look at you to make the other side.To the lady appreciated the "white", it is necessary to add a little bit of "black."After all, only the contrast to make a girl to treat you with respect and appreciate all that you do for her.

What women want?To you belong to them?

No need to reside near his lady.Otherwise, you just become her not interesting, and with you it will be boring, it does not imply a good end.

In conclusion, I would like to say to men - no matter how you followed all the rules, we must always be yourself, since playing a caring and decent guy all my life, you still can not.All deficiencies sooner or later will come out.We live only to find it was his second "half" rather than to adjust to someone.Girls like men's personality, even if it is very far from ideal.Suppose you liked the woman immediately see what you really are, then that for her there were no unpleasant surprises, with the result that it can not accept.In this case, all the efforts are just in vain.

We hope you enjoyed the article, and that it will be useful, and as a result will win the girl of his dreams!