How to treat a dislocated leg at home.

Dislocation - this is one of the most difficult and at the same time, common injuries with which people are turning to the emergency room.Outwardly, his symptoms were very similar to the symptoms of a fracture.Therefore, thinking about how to treat a dislocated leg at home, it is worth remembering that you can not reduce a its own.This can only exacerbate the situation.To reposition a sprained limb or bone need to go to the hospital.When the diagnosis is confirmed, a qualified dislocated right and splint, you can begin to treat the injury at home.

First Aid

In order to answer the question: "How to treat a dislocated leg at home?", It is necessary to begin to deal with the concept.

called dislocation of the displacement of the bones in the joint capsule, sometimes accompanied by joint injury or sprain.The cause could be a heavy blow, fall.External signs - it's a pain, swelling, change to the unusual shape of the joint, lengthening or shortening.

Before you treat a dislocated leg, you need to know

how to help in the first minutes after a person was injured.First Aid is bandaging or the tire into place to fix the dislocation of the joint.Next, apply a cold over the affected area to reduce swelling and relieve pain.For this fit Warmer ice.The next step should be delivery of the victim to the nearest emergency room, where x-rays, and has the right to impose a temporary dislocation of the fixing bandage.

Dislocations necessarily reduce a need, because after three weeks of the joint begins to grow together properly.If this happens, then it reduce a surgically removing the new tissue.

How to treat and what to do with the dislocation of feet, everyone should know.To begin with let's deal with these kinds of injuries.

Dislocation of the knee

The knee shin bone and thigh shifted with respect to each other.The knee joint is enveloped in a dense interweaving cords.Displacement occurs when the ligaments had ruptured.That's a pretty strong joint dislocation it is relatively rare.To offset these bones must be accompanied by a large force.Such injuries occur after the accident, an accident, a fall from a height.

Symptoms and treatment

What symptoms can be observed when there was a dislocation of the leg (signs of injury)?First aid depends on which body hurt.

In this dislocation of the knee joint much change shape, do not notice it just can not.It sometimes happens that reduce a dislocated knee itself, because this joint is quite durable and strong shift happens very rarely.In this case, there is a strong swelling and pain, numbness and coldness tissues.And though the reduction in such a situation is not required, it is still treated after the injury will be no different.

When dislocation of the knee often resort to surgical reposition, as it is a serious injury, in which almost always damaged arteries and major blood vessels.Therefore, the hospital applied plaster, and for some time the patient will be forced to walk on crutches.

only treatment that can be applied in this situation is to take painkillers, application of ice on the place of dislocation and application of ointments and rastirok for the resorption of hematomas and bruises heal.

Dislocation foot

dislocation of the foot - a rare case.The most common way define subluxations of its parts.Often there are similar injury - a dislocation of the cross joint, fingers, subtalar dislocation of the foot.

Treatment injuries

subluxation or dislocation Symptoms foot like a history of exposing legs.It feels a sharp pain, swelling, inability to move the joint or finger, discomfort when trying to get up there and cyanosis bruising.These dislocations occur due to falling or tucking the foot during an awkward landing after a jump.

There are different ways of what and how to treat a dislocated foot.Treatment, doctor appointments, will depend on what kind of bones affected.

When subtalar dislocation of his foot after reduction under local anesthesia applied plaster for a period of 5 weeks.Once it is removed, the doctor will prescribe physical therapy exercises and physiotherapy.And also need to wear special orthopedic shoes or comfortable insole for a further year.

How to treat a dislocated leg at home?In case of injury or metatarsal tarsal bones, joint after reduction under general anesthesia or local anesthesia is applied plaster for 8 weeks and then the patient is sent to physical therapy sessions and visits to physiotherapy.Over the next year are required to wear orthopedic shoes.

Dislocated toe phalanges

rarely happens.With this much dislocation of fingers swell and turn blue, and any movement of the foot, even a small, hurt.Reduce a phalanx under local anesthesia applied plaster for 2 weeks, and after removal of the prescribed physiotherapy and exercises to warm up your toes.

Dislocation ankle

ankle dislocation in the medical language is called 'dislocation of the ankle. "This is the most common form of such an injury.Sometimes it is in the fall, slipping or tucking her feet.Such dislocations can be both strong when treatment resort to all the methods described above or minor, when the joint takes the place itself.In this case, the pain increases, it is practically impossible to stand on the leg, there is swelling of the feet.


This dislocation can be treated at home.In the early days you want to limit the burden on the foot, apply cold, apply a bandage fixing.After the swelling come down approach to the treatment of fundamentally changing.Now it is necessary to arrange a heating space dislocation.

What do you do at home?

should be clarified that all types of injuries are treated equally, but home treatment begins after the plaster will be removed and there will be swelling.

So how to treat a dislocated leg at home?The first step is to conduct warming procedure.These include warm compresses, for example, broth of ginger, trituration warming ointments.Well help warm salt baths.An excellent antiseptic and warming agent are packs of alcohol tinctures of propolis, celandine, calendula.

Any of these methods will help alleviate pain and accelerate the healing process.But it is important not to forget: before thinking what to do with the dislocation of the foot at home, you must visit a doctor who shall be entitled to the professional injury.