The conductor of the passenger car - a very important profession

Each car - it is a separate state.A conductor of a passenger car - if not the president, then at least the Prime Minister of this country, which controls all the processes taking place on its territory.Few people think about what the requirements are put forward to the potential candidates for the position, and that should be studied in theoretical preparation for this work.Let us try to understand all this.

On the door of his compartment conductor mandatory post a special sign that indicates his surname, first name and patronymic.The interior of the rolling stock in motion must be maintained in a proper clean and tidy.The conductor of the passenger car performs twice during the day wet cleaning.Nominated to the toilet even more stringent requirements: it must remove it 4 times for the same time.

In conventional trains, passengers must obtain hot drinks (coffee or tea) three times a day on the declared value.If desired, also provides a variety of pastries to them.If the train company, that such r

equirements must be met around the clock.In the course of serving tea conductor of the passenger car must wear a white apron or jacket.Always in the car should be boiled and cooled water.If necessary, you need to give the bedding passengers for a fee.If necessary, at the request of the passenger should replace them at an additional cost.

During landing the conductor to collect the passengers tickets and tore them so as not to have been violated various komposternye signs that it suffered.Return them he can only before planting.If this document is a transit passenger, who wishes to make a stop, and the validity of the ticket should be extended, then it can not overstrain.In case of loss of the travel document of the conductor of the passenger car shall cause or head of the rolling stock, or foreman.Then be drawn up for the loss of the ticket.At the next station, parking for more than 10 minutes, which must be issued a duplicate, which will be printed the following inscription: "Instead of the lost."

In the daytime the conductor is obliged to declare the station, which will stop the composition and the duration of stops.He must also report the sanitary zone.At night, it is done only at the request of the passenger, or if necessary.According to this document, as a guide conductor of the passenger car, throughout the route of the wire should maintain the air temperature is not lower than 18 degrees Celsius.To do this, the train has a special boiler that operates on solid fuel.If the temperature drops below the permissible limit, the conductor must add coal.

This is not a complete list of what to do such a specialist.But all this is the responsibility of the conductor of the passenger train.As can be seen from all of the above, it becomes clear that it's not so easy profession, as it seems at first glance.If you add enough busy schedule and the need to perform at night, not everyone is under force.Before choosing this profession you need all the fundamentally weigh several times and only then make a final selection.