Who is the ophthalmologist, and what does he do?

Who is an ophthalmologist?This doctor involved in the diagnosis and prevention and treatment of diseases which are associated with the visual system.It puts the accurate diagnosis and describes in detail the status of eye health of his patient.

Nowadays, this profession is in great demand.People who have problems with vision, a very large number, and it is increasing every year.Because of this, services of ophthalmologists are in great demand.Previously, it was quite a little eye surgery centers.Now, however, the mass of such clinics.They help doctors to get rid of any disease in the shortest period of time.The cost of such services will vary depending on how severe cases.Who is an ophthalmologist?It is the doctor who in a few hours will give the necessary instructions to man, after which he can safely return home.The equipment used for treatment costs a lot of money, and it is made abroad.Expensive as materials.One of the most expensive services is considered to be the replacement of the lens.Its pri

ce can vary from a few thousand to three thousand dollars.The only thing the doctor (no matter how well he may be trained) can not fix or not being able to affect - is birth defects or physiological changes.

I would like to mention another interesting fact, if we were talking on the subject of who is an ophthalmologist.Among these doctors are very rare woman.Basically, this position was occupied by representatives of a strong half of mankind.

to study this matter should be a lifetime.It is impossible to get all the knowledge and skills for a few years at the Medical University, because each case is different, and do they need to, given the characteristics of the body of each person.If the doctor is not willing to follow the developments in this sphere, can lose their skills, which will go away and customers.If you do not want to learn - it is better to forget about this profession.

Almost everyone who is wondering about who is an ophthalmologist interested in his salary.It is not very high as it might first seem.For example, the doctor, if he works in a private clinic receives about a thousand dollars a month.Eye surgeon who spends a month a large number of operations, and has a lot of customers - about 50-60 thousand rubles.A well-known expert - a few thousand dollars a month.

ophthalmologist - who it is, if you talk specifically?It should be noted that the optometrist - a general name for all physicians who specialize in that the treated eyes.They can be either an optometrist or ophthalmologist who operated.These doctors are trained to identify defects and eye diseases, and then - their treatment.But ordinary optometrist who learns only diagnose disease, can change their profession or field of study of this science.Another difference from other ophthalmologists ophthalmologist that he studied all areas of eye health.For example, an ordinary optometrist will not, of course, to carry out eye surgery or to treat trauma.