The main methods of collecting marketing information to market research

Marketing research is a multi-step process.The first problem is determined, and the main purpose of the study.The second developed a clear plan for the collection of information using secondary and primary data.In the third phase collects information using laboratory and vnekabinetnyh research.In the fourth step, all the received data is analyzed to derive some average and identify certain relationship.Finally, the last step shows the final result, through which specialists will be able to make decisions based on real indicators of research that entail a higher percentage of correct decisions.

Market research conducted by various research tools such as surveys, observations, questionnaires and experiments.Also involves methods of communication with people on the type of mail, telephone or personal conversation.
primary marketing information obtained by means of the "field" activities such as surveys, various observations and experimental studies.The data obtained as a result have a number of positive

aspects: they are very reliable, they do not suss about competitors, supervised and has a clear idea about the method of collection.However, there is a negative side of the question: it is too time-consuming to collect, the company's own efforts can not always find it completely in the end - this is an obvious cost.

secondary marketing information obtained by different "armchair" studies that gathered much earlier for purposes other than the firm is available at the moment.This includes a variety of reports, accounts, budgets, and other supplies.For small and even medium-sized companies - this is the most pragmatic methods of collecting marketing information.Most often, it is the collection of secondary marketing information comes in the first place, rather than primary.First of all this information gets cheaper way than the primary.In addition, again comparing with primary, secondary timing of the information is always ahead of the primary terms.But the negative effects secondary marketing information bears in itself from its certain incompleteness could suffer all the study as a whole.In addition, such information can not be confirmed, what is it yet another minus.At times, a completely unknown method by which you must build the collection methods of marketing information.
Primary data already for more serious work: Evaluate the situation in the industry, with the tendency of volatility of earnings and sales, with the latest achievements of science and technology.
is very important to make the correct marketing methods of gathering information.Otherwise, all information collected may be either partially or completely unnecessary.You must know that for many studies are vital to collect primary data.To do this, the best option is to continue the good work of a clear plan for the future.He also determines which tools will be used on.Methods of collecting marketing information relating to the primary, have four main options: observation, simulation, experiment and survey.
Marketing research does not necessarily have to be expensive and incredibly complex.It can be easy to achieve the planned goals, through analysis of its own data, various surveys of buyers and experts.

cost of marketing research depends on the information that you want to find the volume of new data, the degree of formality and complexity of the research analysis.