How it works and where the server is located WOT

Server Infrastructure Game World ofTanks is a huge synchronized system.It consists of several regional servers, separated by a special group of synchronized PCs, which are called clusters.Each server WOT integrated high-speed channels, forming a single user hardware.Any of these groups is divided into small PC clusters, which are not synchronized with each other.This allows smoothing the peaks of network traffic.Each server WOT has a default configuration for the modern data center.Thus, one cluster, the power is determined 160 thousands of concurrent users, requires about one hundred gaming servers and to ten powerful servers as databases.

Where the server is located WOT?

In the development of this project, as well as the release of regional markets is growing its infrastructure, opening new centers, increasing the number of clusters.At the moment, the project has four main data center: the European, North American, Russian and Chinese.Russian server WOT began working in 2010, and less than two ye

ars, the number of users it has exceeded five million.At the moment, Russian cluster is in our nation's capital.Now under Russian "galaxy" Servers are seven major groups, four of which are in Moscow and one in Novosibirsk, Munich (Germany) and Amsterdam (Netherlands).The European group consists of two clusters located in Munich.American includes only one server (Washington, USA).Asian, the youngest, opened in 2012, stationed in Singapore (Malaysia) and Seoul (Korea).There is also a Chinese cluster, which consists of two groups located in the cities of Hebei and Shanghai.


game server designed for computing and communications functions.That is, they are getting from the players data, process them and send updates to clients of the game.Moreover, separation or combination of these features is constantly changing within a specific physical cluster.All messages received by the server and the user is recorded, along with additional information, such as the time of receipt.The system uses this data to determine how the customer can update the status of the game.For example, the server receives a message that is not processed within 100 ms, in this case, the system compensates for the gap in the performance of the update.

test server WOT 08.6

This system is designed for testing scheduled updates gameplay.Test servers run for a short time, during which the developers, thanks to the players, can be "run in" new products that will be introduced later in the game.Thus, within the general test are special clients with different versions.Test Server 0.8.6.It was first launched in June 2013 and worked for 6 days.During this period, was conducted "trial run" of the new card "Sacred Valley", changes to some old maps, as well as expansion of branches of ACS to the tenth level.