Confectionery Plant "Dobryninsky": address, products, reviews

Dobryninsky plant powdery confectionery is considered one of the oldest in Moscow.During the lifetime of the institution occupies a leading place among the organizations of their profile.Guide the plant is doing everything possible to ensure excellent working conditions and maintain the quality of products at the right level.Next, we take a closer look with the institution, learn its history.The paper will also briefly given product range, which lets Dobryninsky confectionery factory, addresses of shops where you can buy it.


In the early fifties of the last century confectionery factory "Dobryninsky" specialized in baking bread (black and white).Somewhat later, the product range began to expand.Today, very popular cakes of different species that produces it Dobryninsky confectionery factory.Shops the addresses of which are listed below, offer customers always fresh produce.In April this year the organization celebrated its anniversary - she was a hundred years.Institution throughout its hi

story, keeps the brand.

distinctive features

consistent product quality - one of the main advantages that Dobryninsky confectionery factory.Reviews of many buyers to visual confirmation.Do institutions have their regular customers.It is as large enterprises, and private individuals.Buyers are always delighted to take various trends that periodically releases factory.Some products have become an integral part of the menu of restaurants and cafes.Everyone knows the layered product that lets Dobryninsky confectionery factory."Esterhazy", "Napoleon" and many others have become favorite for a lot of people in the capital.

History of plant

In 1914, April 15, City Government has received permission from the Moscow City Duma assign building, which belonged to Remizov park trams, under the second bakery.This building was located on the outside Cow shaft, p. 5. Bakeries capital under №№ 2 and 3 submitted to a municipal government of Moscow.They let the bread for hospitals and almshouses.With the outbreak of World their profile has changed somewhat.Bakeries began to produce biscuits to front.

nationalized these institutions in 1918.In the professional and industrial census of 1918 the number of people, including in the third bakery was still 428. It was situated in the 2nd part of Serpukhov, outside Cow shaft, p. 5. In this third year the bakery was Moskommune.According to reports, it has been involved in the manufacture of 1 108 people, produces 3960 pounds of hearth and 3168 pan bread.Since January 1927 the bakery moved to a special department of the Moscow Union of Consumer Societies.She was awarded the title of "Bakery № 18 Centrosoyuz" and then "Bakery № 14 INES."In 1936, the institution was named after M. Gorky.

In 1953, in December, the bakery has a new status.From that moment it began its formal existence of confectionery factory "Dobryninsky."Street Cow shaft in 1952-1990 years had a different name.Then she was Dobryninskaya.It was there the plant until 2006.In May (2014), the confectionery factory "Dobryninsky" was moved to the East administrative district of Moscow.Now he is on the street.Elektrozavodskaya, p. 27. It was produced under the program, which was aimed at the relocation of industrial plants.

lull in

Break of the plant was in 2006. During the six months, from May to December, was carried out comprehensive renovation of the buildings of the former factory for the production of silk it.Shcherbakov.His aim was not only to prepare the building for the production of baked goods, but also to create the conditions for the application of unique technologies that taste pastries and cakes under the brand name "Dobryninsky" know and love, not only Muscovites, but also residents of other regions.

labor collective - a basis of enterprise

Sensitive attitude of management personnel - another advantage which has Dobryninsky confectionery factory.Feedback from staff who have worked here almost from the base, clearly evidenced.On the birthday of the factory workers expressed gratitude to the leadership and wished further prosperity of the organization.Many employees do not think of yourself in some other work.The leadership has turned not only to preserve the labor collective, but the most important tradition of confectioners Moscow.Since 2006, a new chapter in the history of Dobryninsky plant.Production was officially opened on December 26 prefect of the Eastern Administrative Region Evtikhieva N. The entire range of products certified, is under strict control of the process and fully complies with all the requirements of GOST.With the help of mobile production equipment bakers can make a reality of the most unusual wishes and ideas of potential customers.

manufactured products

every day confectionery factory "Dobryninsky" updates the range.At the same time the most modern technology in the production of cakes and pastries, muffins and other products.In the manufacture of only natural ingredients.This is another obvious advantage, which has Dobryninsky confectionery factory.Cake "Esterhazy" and "Delight", "Bolero", "Tune" and many other products can rightly be called the hallmark of the company.The plant also manufactures products based on yogurt, cottage cheese, whipped cream.The most popular can be called Cake "Tiramisu", "White Dance", "Two chocolate."It is known to all and classical production of the plant.You can call the cakes "Flight", "Leningrad", "truffle", "Wenceslas", "The Mask."Another in the list of the most popular klassicheskihizdely include "Fairy Tale", "bird's milk", "Prague" and "Honey".Also worth noting is that the plant can boast his signature cupcake "Dobryninsky" and the same cake.

Additional assortment

Confectionery Plant "Dobryninsky" makes children, wedding, celebration cakes to order.Consumers are given a catalog of possible forms and drawings.You can order products and own sketches.According to the catalog, you can choose a dessert cake based biscuit.He is imbued with syrup and have a layer of cream with fruit cream.In addition, the cake can be decorated with semi air.It can also be branded products based on cocoa, white sponge, sand or air-nut cakes.

As you know, the wedding cake - this is the main decoration.So you can come up with his own sketch and master artists combine to implement it in the best possible way.On the day the baby is born, you can order a cake with their favorite characters cartoon.The experts - designers, confectioners - can advise you how best to make a sketch, how to choose the shape and color.

daily plant produces a huge amount of product.On the counter gets about fifty high quality bakery products.Among the regular customers of the enterprise should be noted companies such as "Crossroads", "Scarlet Sails", "Holding Center", "Kondisseya", "Sitiavtoservis" and others.Today the plant occupies a leading place in Moscow and other regions on the quality and variety of products.The company hold sacred a long tradition of production of confectionery products.

Achievements and Prospects

the past four years made a huge combine breakthrough.So, the staff was increased in 4 times the amount of products - at seven.In addition, it launched production of 150 new products.In the Moscow region the number of retail outlets trading is about 100. In 2014, management plans to pay more attention to servicing of regular customers and attract new ones.Will remain unchanged and the high quality of the product, because it is the key to the success of the plant.The use of only natural and fresh ingredients, strict adherence to the recipe - that's the main problem, which poses a Dobryninsky confectionery factory.


addresses in Moscow opened a lot of points where you can buy the company's products.Affiliates called "Dobryninsky and partners" are on the streets:

  • Highway Enthusiasts, p. 22/18.
  • Masterkova, d. 3.
  • trade union, p. 3.
  • Polar, p. 16,. 1.
  • Spartacus, d. 16.
  • Chernyakhovsky, d. 4-a.

also opened a branch office on Leningradsky Prospect, 4, p.3. Brand stores, which have a simple and memorable name "Cakes", located in the streets:

  • Dm.Ulyanova, 13, Building 1 (near the subway).
  • Arbat, 9, p. 1 (the building "Ukrainian Cultural Centre").
  • Emerald, Building 3, p. 1.
  • Bauman, ow.33-A, Trade Center "on Bauman."

Outlets are also on Prospect Mira, p. 120, and the Leningrad ave., 47 g.