Interesting facts from the life of Pushkin for children assistance in studying the poet's biography in the school

For every Russian schoolboy Alexander Pushkin is one of the main places in the domestic literature.We are starting to learn a poet almost from the first class, continue while passing across the curriculum, and some read Pushkin and his entire life.This is because it is both a storyteller and poet, prose writer, and a great reformer of the Russian language (compare the literary language of the works were written before the advent of the poet, and the one on which to create his greatest works).

But the biography of the poet often taught in the school curriculum too academic and dryly that causes children to think about naughty and living poet as a solid character, exalted, almost at life has become a monument to himself.And the interesting facts from the life of Pushkin for children ignored, bypassed by teachers in different classrooms.But it should not be so!And the image of the poet truly becomes flesh and blood when the interesting facts from the life of Pushkin for children used in the study of biog

raphical material in the classroom.It helps to be interested in boys is the person of the poet, who has never been quite so unequivocal and "preserve", something in the manner of his genius.

Interesting facts from the life of Pushkin for children

Guys of all ages interested in and various events.The smallest - interesting incidents from the life of Pushkin about his childhood.Those who are more mature - his free-thinking and participate in the movement of the Decembrists.Graduates - most of all the personal life of the poet and his many hobbies.And we will try to highlight interesting aspects of Pushkin's life, to revive some teaching.


known that the ancestors of Alexander - the real Africans.A poet's hair curled in a natural way in the form of curls.Possible ancestral homeland of Alexander - Ethiopia.Therefore, even in Russia it whether in jest, whether seriously sometimes called Russian-Abyssinian national poet.And it is not without foundation.For example, in Africa in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia in 2002, it was erected a monument to Pushkin, which bears the inscription "Our poet."And in general, to be historically accurate, there once lived no less famous (for the film "The Negro of Peter the Great", for example), the grandfather of Pushkin - Ibrahim Hannibal, patronymic Petrovich - in honor of the king of the same name.There are in this city and Pushkin street, on which there is a monument to the poet.


a child poet suffered from what appeared too in the African.He constantly felt like lips, hair and eyes spoil its appearance.And at school the young Sasha even teased "monkey."But after many years, he even used to this nickname, and proud of it (according to the testimony of friends).A poet's appearance was so original that many women had for him affection.


Quite an interesting fact of Pushkin's life: Alexander remembered himself with small children.Once, he said, during a walk, he noticed that the ground beneath their feet swaying and vibrating string.It was an earthquake that occurred in 1803.Then, little Sasha was 4 years old.

first meeting with the king

Around the same years, the future poet met with Tsar Alexander the First.The meeting was almost over the death of little Sasha, as he almost fell under the hooves of the horse of the Emperor, went for a walk.King withhold horse Pushkin escaped with slight shock, but most of all frightened nanny, known Arina.

In high school

Set in Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum was small, just 30 students.But the poet to accept his uncle, also a poet, Vasily Pushkin, who was a powerful man, and led acquaintance with Speransky.Alexander learned not perfectly, in performance was one of the last.But at the Lyceum he manifested his powerful poetic talent.Here he composes his first poems, already characterized by maturity and romance (because, in fact, the students of the Lyceum were children by today's standards).The event is quite interesting from the life of Pushkin's here in high school, he falls in love for the first time.And how many more victories ahead of love!

Appearance poet

Interesting stories of Pushkin's life and the way it is described by different people, are striking in their subjectivity.So, his brother, for example, claimed that Pushkin was a small growth, Duren him.But Naschokina Vera, one of the enthusiastic fans of the poet, wrote that the poet had beautiful curly hair was brown with blue eyes and unusually attracted the eyes.When Pushkin fascinated conversation, he tried as much as possible to interest the interlocutor, showing natural charm.But often he grew bored, and he instantly lost all interest to the other party.


poet Pushkin was a child extremely cocky, wise and free-thinking.This combination acted on some of his acquaintances as a red rag to a bull.The first duel happened in high school, at an early age.Total of Alexander summoned to a duel (and he answered positively, for the honor) more than 90 times, and he therefore proposed to shoot the other 150 times!The reason could be quite empty and worthless: general debate, which goes to the person, careless mot thrown by someone.And Pushkin was killed by shot fired during a duel Dantes.

Interesting facts from the life of Pushkin for children, given during the study the biography of the great poet, designed to revive the most, "reactivate" image, attract the attention of children to the personality of Alexander.These facts greatly simplify the study of Pushkin and the history of literature as a whole.