Blok poem "Twelve" was created immediately after the revolutionary riots in 1918.It also reflected the real events (cold winter, bonfires on street corners, the Red Army patrols on city streets, it is a characteristic of those times), and looks at what is happening to the author.And they were quite peculiar.The writer took the revolution as a destructive force, which replaced long-outdated reality.The images in the poem Block "Twelve" eloquent testimony of this approach, the author of the events."Bourgeois", "black dog", "ladies in astrakhan" - all symbols of the old world.Twelve people associate the reader with the apostles.They, too, came into the world with his "mission" - to kill.And Christ walking ahead, rather like the Antichrist.But the logic of the then Block destruction of obsolete (even the way) - this is a good thing.Soon the writer sees that the revolution did not meet his expectations.Until his death, he did not write anything more substantial standing.

«Twelve."Block.Summary 1-3 Heads

very cold, windy.Passers constantly slide on the ground covered with snow.Between the two buildings stretched poster, which launched another Soviet slogan.Passing by the old woman is perplexed: why to waste that amount of matter, for out of it you can make something more useful, such as children's clothes ... She is confident that the Bolsheviks all over the country in the coffin of the pen.A certain type of long-haired, probably the writer, too, cries of death in Russia.One lady complains of a second, that they had to shed a lot of tears.She, too, like many passers-by, slips and falls.A strong wind brings talk of prostitutes.They discuss his collection, which decided how much to take from anyone.Slouched down the street is angry drifter.Twelve men, armed with rifles, discuss Vanku- "bourgeois", who used to be with them, and now have fun with Katya in a tavern.

«Twelve."Block.Summary 4-6 Heads

The cab on the way to the race Katka Vanka.Still fresh scar under her breasts.Earlier Katka officers vodilas, spruced went.But now - with the soldiers went for a walk.Twelve attack the couple.Vanka manages to escape, leaving the killed Katka lying on the snow.

«Twelve."Block.Summary 7-9 Heads

As if nothing had happened, they go further.Only one of the twelve - Petro - not himself.It turned out that Katka - his ex-girlfriend.At first his console, and then remind us that the time is now different, and no one with whom will not coddle.Petro immediately cheered up and tuned in to the looting and revelry.On the streets there are no more policemen.

«Twelve."Block.Summary 10-12 Heads

the street played such a snowstorm that did not see already a few steps.Petro says God, seeing such bad weather.The others laugh at him, and remind us that now that his hands in the blood of Katka, there is nothing to seek the Lord.Twelve move on.They have nothing sacred in the shower and ready for anything and everything.Twelve continue to go through the blizzard.Seeing someone on the way, they are ordered to stop, screaming that will shoot, and then execute the threat.So they go lean step behind mince hungry dog, and ahead - walks with a bloody flag is invisible and safe Jesus Christ.