Help for beginners : how much can be pumped or How to become the owner of a beautiful figure in the shortest time ?

Many bodybuilders and beginners, first of all, interested in one question: how much can be pumped?But the answer is not so simple, even for professional coaches and athletes.It depends not only on your efforts, but also many other factors which will be discussed in this article.

First of all, you must understand that the exercise of a particular program does not always yield the desired result.For example, training on the program of the famous actor Jason Statham, should not expect to get exactly the same shape as that of the Hollywood star.And it is not in your desires and aspirations, and in genetics.The body of each person, and arranged in a unique way the program that is ideal for gaining lean muscle one athlete can not provide absolutely no result in ten others.

In this case, you have a reasonable question: how to build quickly if the world has a huge number of programs for the recruitment of muscle mass?First, let's define what type of training is best suited for you.And for this you need to

define your somatotype.

type is determined by adding the easiest in two ways - the volume of the wrist and body proportions.How much can be pumped in the first place will depend on your somatotype.

1. ectomorph. For this type of addition is characterized by rather narrow carpal (wrist without any problems, you can embrace the other hand) and approximately the same volume of hips, waist and chest (this option is often denoted by the letter "H").Ectomorphs usually gain two or three kilograms of muscle in a year, but every muscle will be very soon a relief, which greatly affect the beauty of the figure.

2. endomorph.This type of addition unites people prone to weight gain in the form of fat.Endomorph is unlikely to grasp the hand wrist and waistline he is likely to exceed the volume of the chest and hip girth (denoted by the letter "O").How much can be pumped endomorph?The increase in muscle mass in this type of addition biggest - up to ten kilograms of muscle mass per year.But a huge minus is that endomorphs need to "pick" the muscles after they have been inflated.And to add their figure relief, people with this type of addition should reflect on the burning of excess weight and to maintain its shape in the form with the help of proper nutrition.

3. Mesomorph. This golden mean.Mesomorph should not even think, how much time can be pumped as muscle mass increases they pretty quickly, and time for its "drawing" them out a lot less than that endomorphs.Usually people with this type of addition is problematic grasping his wrist and chest have approximately the same as that of the hips, but significantly higher than waist circumference (indicated by the letter «V»).

But do not be happy or upset because of their type of addition ahead of time.It is not always with absolute precision determines how much can be pumped and proud to start a perfect figure.Largely speed dial muscle will depend on whether the fabric primarily inclined to accept Calories - muscle or fat.In addition to the increase in muscle mass affects levels of testosterone (the higher it is, the faster will be pumped up) and metabolism in the body.

After you define the type of addition, you try to experiment with this type of programs, and then to be able to choose the best training system to help gain muscle mass as quickly as possible and look much nicer than before.