Do you want to pump up your hands?

Inflate hands to appear beautiful muscular relief, everyone wants.But to start this process should be reasonable.Since a large complex of activities should always include exercises that are classified by level of complexity, purpose, and by groups of muscles.Quickly pump the hand correctly does not work, since such a process will be temporary and quickly passing result.Let us dwell on the basic principles and laws effective complex.

Any occupation is recommended to start with exercises without weights.It is necessary to "warm up" the muscles before exercising, to exclude the likelihood of sprains and increase their flexibility.It is recommended that the observance of special sequence: first hand, then the forearm and finally the shoulders.

After the mandatory "warm-up" can perform push-ups and pull-ups, as these exercises help pump up the perfect hand in that situation, if you can not work out in the gym.

In order to strengthen the hand, employment is the best exercise with manual expander.This ca

n be done wherever and whenever there is a desire.

set of exercises with weight lifting - it is the best way to pump up his hands, but it needs to perform properly and regularly.

In order to pump up your biceps, it is recommended to lift the barbell or dumbbell, while in a standing position.Hands with the weight you need to squeeze the elbows, without bending the wrist.One stage - 10 to 20 reps.In that case, if the "upper" limit is performed easily, you can increase the severity of the bar or dumbbells.This exercise can be varied by grabbing the goods from the front or the back, palms facing up.Perform one need both.This exercise is the base, which is recommended to "dilute" additional. "For example, lifting dumbbells for biceps, using bench Scott.

to pump triceps and develop shoulders, it is recommended to lift weights only because of the head. This exercise can be carried out aslying on the bench and standing.

Inflate arms in triceps help pull that need to be carried out not to the chest, and it is recommended to do it to the back of the head.

One of the basic exercises for the development of the forearm is a push on a special simulator, when the body isback down, and his hands are "working" on special crossbars.

but magnificent and versatile exercise is as follows. In a standing position their feet at shoulder level, and then simply lift the arms with dumbbells. It is recommended that the same thing happened in the supine position on theback. By alternating these exercises, their first "victory" you will see within a month.

exercises to develop arm muscles a lot.In that case, if there is no training required, it is recommended to apply to the gym, where experienced specialists will suggest how to pump up the muscles of the arms, taking into account individual features of physical development.As engaged in experimentation with their health and body is not necessary.

But in any case, there are laws and regulations that must be observe:

  • before training should be made a set of exercises, formed in a certain system;
  • heavy lifting to be performed at least 3 times a week, every other day;
  • mandatory break in the day to allow the muscles to recover from the hands;
  • set of exercises should be combined with a strict diet that includes fresh vegetables, cereals, fish, chicken breast, lean meat and egg white;and digestible carbohydrates and psychoactive substances (alcohol, nicotine, etc.) should be excluded from the diet.

effective workout!