Exercises for the press at home and proper nutrition

pump up the press and a small waist - the dream of many women.The fair sex periodically try to carry it out.Begin to rock press, sit on a diet, but few reach their goals.The rest of the waving hand, considering all their attempts to waste time.No need to give up, if you really want to have a flat stomach and graceful waist.The program for the media in the home includes physical activity and proper nutrition, but with their help you will be able to realize his dream.

Create the right diet can itself.Eat at least 3 times a day.Each serving should be about 250-300 grams.The evening meal should be no later than 19 pm.If you are unsure that you can correctly create the menu, then consult a dietitian.The specialist will paint you a nutrition program, and will only have to comply with it exactly.Because of this you will be able to significantly reduce body fat on the abdomen and eliminate the possibility of its growth in the future.

consider what drill press at home you can do.Lie back on the floor, his h

ands free to drop.With exhale tighten your abdominal muscles, relax on inhalation.Perform the exercise 20-30 times.

Lift the legs off the floor at an angle of 30 degrees.On the exhale, lift the body off the floor and stretch your hands to the socks.Hold for about 10 seconds.On the inhale, return to the starting position.Make 7-10 rises.

following exercises for the press at home.Bend your legs, put your shin on any hill (sofa, chair, bench, etc.).Arms crossed over his chest.With exhale tighten your upper abs and lift the body off the floor.A few seconds hang suspended.With breath fall on his back.Repeat the exercise 15 times.

drill press at home and should be on the lower abdomen.It is this area lends itself to the most difficult adjustment.Sitting on the floor, lean back in his arms.Connect with legs, lift them off the floor and paint socks figures in the air.For example, from 1 to 10. Then rest a little bit.Repeat this movement once again.

Lie back on the floor, put his hands behind his head, bend your legs, cross them at the ankles and lift off the floor.With an exhalation from the floor, lifting your head and shoulders, look at their feet.On the inhale little shoulders sank to the floor, but not completely go.Take another 9 lifts.

very effective exercise for the press at home - lifting the pelvis off the floor.Lying on his back, put his hands under the buttocks, legs point upwards, pull the socks.With exhale tighten your lower abs and lift your pelvis.Hold at the top for 4 seconds.On the inhale lower your buttocks to the floor.Perform another 14-19 lifts.

Get on your knees, toes rest against the floor.On the inhale stray body back, tighten your abs.On exhalation, return to the straight position.Exercise is necessary to perform 10-20 times.Caution: do not bend so that lower back pain or felt uncomfortable tension.

During training run deep underlying abdominal muscles.They must at all times maintain in good shape, because they are responsible for supporting the pelvic organs, and therefore do not give the stomach to go forward.Exercise helps to pull straight, oblique and transverse abdominal muscles.It helps to be a press fit and creates a beautiful waist line.

Many women hold the mistaken belief that tight stomach and slender figure - a gift of nature.In fact, abdomen and waist can be adjusted every woman.It is only important to do the exercises for the press at home and stick to proper nutrition.If you are exactly abide by these conditions, you will soon notice a positive change.