How to remove the desktop on Android?

users may establish additional launchers on their mobile device, which works based on Android.After some time, it may be such that creates multiple desktops.If you are a new user has the mobile platform, you may have some questions.For example, if you are not aware how to remove the second desktop, then you should be aware of what is being done is actually very simple, the main thing to know about all the necessary steps.

Choice appearance

Let's first determine the choice of launcher for the mobile device Android.If you set the standard firmware, which in most cases is so, then you will use the basic interface, but it is unfortunately impossible to change the number, as well as by removing desks.In this regard, you should choose for themselves the most optimal launcher.And then it will help solve the problem of how to remove the desktop "Android."Launcher for the mobile platform is a new interface and can have a variety of visual design, as well as other changes.


is now one of the most p

opular is considered ADW.Launcher.High prevalence he gained due that can be used both on the tablet and the mobile device.With this application you can create multiple screens, and customize them to your liking.To make changes to the contents of the launcher, press the screen area and then hold for a few seconds.As a result, it should open a small window where you can perform the installation or removal of widgets, the addition of new applications as well as common settings for the desktop.In addition to the positive aspects of the launcher is also present drawback - it is a complete lack of ability to produce uninstall applications installed panel.In order to remove unnecessary items you will need to use a standard mobile launcher system.But to remove the desktop with this popular application is possible.In order to get acquainted with the above software solution, you will need to download it, and for this you can use the "Pleymarket."

Android: how to remove the desktop using GoLauncher

Delete desktop on your mobile device, you can also by another supplement.It is called GoLauncher.In fact, this application is also one of the most popular, and many users prefer to use it.If you do decide to use this software, download and install it, then at the very bottom of the desktop will be able to find the order in which, if desired, you can store all the extras that you frequently use.Powered launcher you will also be able to apply and on the tablet, it will be quickly and fully operate as a mobile device.To enter the settings menu, you need to click on the icon with your finger and hold a few seconds, and then you have to open the parameter.


Once you get the settings menu, you will notice that there are options for displaying the desktop.You can also add widgets, various applications, and delete or add new screens.

Conclusion If you want to learn how to add a new desktop, then you can immediately say that it is done very quickly and simply.Click on one of the screens with your finger and hold a few seconds the surface, which will open a new menu where you have to choose a section called "Page".Sometimes it may be such that arbitrarily creates a lot of launch windows, and then you have to remove the desktop or even a few of them.By the way, turn off the screen as well as add, is very simple.To remove one of unnecessary desktop, just select it, and then hold two fingers on the corners to the center - just reduced image.Then in front of you should see a menu where you can control the initial screen.Now we determine which desktop we have to remove, move it to the Trash.After that you have selected the screen will no longer be determined.In these settings, you can also set the main panel, for this you need to press Home.Remove the desktop, you can also quickly after transferring it to the basket.You can do similar with other elements that you do not need.But remember that if you have deleted the table and want to return it, make it no longer possible.By the way, are in the initial screen, you can click on the symbol "house", then open all screens simultaneously.This unnecessary element can be captured, and then move to the basket.