Syanovskie quarry: reviews, tours, photos

Syanovskie quarry - limestone cavities of natural and artificial origin.Siagne partially formed caverns and craters, formed under the influence of natural phenomena.

the main cave have arisen because of the production of white limestone.White stone extracted here since the XVII-XX century.Stone, shining whiteness, used for the construction of Moscow.From this limestone constructed runways at Domodedovo airport.By the 40 th years of the last century Syanovskie quarry closed.

Historical facts

interest of tourists to the abandoned mine broke out in the 70s of the last century.Active researchers, their powerful pilgrimage movement in the caves worried the authorities.In order their 1974 entrance to the caves walled with concrete.

Group of old cave explorers - explorers Siagne - opened the cave 14 years later, in 1988.The names are inscribed on the wall of daredevils in one of the caves.Currently, these quarries - a popular excursion site near Moscow.In the cave on weekends it gets to a hundred peo


General description

is believed that Syanovskie quarry, photos that make the tourists, after they reach a length of about 70 kilometers.Speleology currently explored tunnels length of about 30 kilometers.Their height varies, reaching 0.4-3.5 meters.The total depth of the limestone rocks of 25-30 meters.

entrance to the cave is inconvenient, it is narrow and constantly wet mud due to fill it rains.Deep into the catacombs of rain can not penetrate, there is no such slimy mud as the input.Miniature Grotto, which is located near the entrance - a place of total collection of speleologists.

It is cave Magazine resembling a ship.Researchers at the catacombs before heading to the caves after the return of them are making their names (logins) in a huge book, accompanying them with witty slogans and funny pictures.

magazine reflects the statistics of visits.Thanks to him, has always known how many tourists exploring Syanovskie quarry.Reviews cavers confirm that, open the log at any time, you can learn without delay whether any group beyond measure in the cave labyrinth.Perhaps it has to be contacted to clarify the situation, in which there are people, and if necessary help.

crossroads where converge the main tunnels, - collection center of tourists set out to explore the caves.Here, to "stop the first car," drained the largest number of researchers.There will learn from experienced cavers of the second output from the quarries located on the other side Pakhra, get acquainted with the myths, legends and fables Siagne.

cleared caves are numbered in the quarry, in addition, they have come up with any name.Some caves named romantic and fantastic, others - strange and obscene names.Drifts, received the name, mapped.

Excursions in Sianov

Caves are a joy to the visitors, giving them the opportunity to seek adventure among numerous karst formations.Tourists wander through multiple raskarstvovkam in the "Thunder-Sklif Mlechnik" grotto "Karst", squeeze through the narrow hole of crawls, "pike", visiting Syanovskie quarry.

Trips are often made in the famous tunnel "Gromov-Sklif-Mlechnik" - a unique line of Siagne.Its distal portion - Grotto Gromov - incredibly popular, it often climb curious explorers.

Widely known is the cave "attractions."Tunnel "Smoking-room" famous narrow manhole consisting of several knees bent at right angles.In a small cave "pocket" to get easy, but very difficult to get out.The tunnel is a steep descent along the karst walking speed.

Visitors quarry necessarily mention the "guardian of caves" - grotto "Aristarchus".Cave "custodian" - a kind of "mummy", made from an old suit, filled with clay and a real human skull, crowned by a German helmet.There superstitious visitors leave all sorts of things: from cigarettes to money, believing that the "donations" will not allow them to get lost in the Siagne.

Attractions Siagne

Syanovskie quarries dotted with natural funnels, legendary caves, tunnels, which penetrates every visitor, little-known drifts, caves that are in the stage of excavation, and those passages that still tightly overwhelmed.Some of them have become popular tourist attractions.

Grotto Gromov

passes from the natural karst - the famous grotto Gromov - lead to the caves "Smoking-room" and "Bottle".Laz is named after Gromov caver.His agility is a legend which says that it did not have to get out of this tunnel with steep descent upside down, spending no more than 15 seconds.

in a narrow crevice karst is tight hole.Squeeze through it, sending foot forward, face - up, and his hands above his head.There is carried out a rite of passage beginners.

Laz "Bottle»

in the "Bottle" is easy to climb and get out of it is problematic.Get out of this manhole - a "song" (at least, so say the reviews, has managed to squeeze through the crevice in the opposite direction).Difficulties arise when removing the thighs from excessive narrowed the gap.While they will not turn in a certain way, it is impossible to crawl out.

Elbows in that case, have to cope with two functions simultaneously - hold the body in a crevice and help her crawl through the passage.If you rely on the wall with his legs, thighs stuck in extremely narrow tunnel.

Tunnel "pocket»

«pocket" - a cleft that "love" all cavers.Comments about the grotto is that the passage of the tunnel dreams at night.Memories of him excite the imagination, causing an involuntary laugh.The gaping hole terrifies even when viewed.Down the tunnel all daredevils fly with a whistle, and when they have to rise to make tremendous efforts.This grotto is necessary to pass all those who gets in Syanovskie quarry.

Grotto "The Master and Margarita»

Code cave shining moire sheen decorates fresco "Margarita on a broom" and a cross carved in the wall.Here, the cross a tiny candle lit candles when the fire abate, the cross slowly creeps the shadow, creating a picture of the infernal regions.

eyes Siagne

Lady's Grotto (Eyes caves) - a narrow vertical cleft, is located between the two tunnels.The level of the floor here from different angles varies.On one side of the floor above about 1.5 meters.It is believed that the narrow gap can penetrate just a girl with a very slim figure.

Getting to Sianov

From the underground "Domodedovo" every half hour a bus № 439. Many come to him in Syanovskie quarry.How to get there by train in Siagne?The train sit on the Paveletsky railway station, the station "Lower boilers" (Metro "Nagatinskaya") and "Biryulyovo-passenger".Get off at the station "Lenin."