Fabulous signs in the genres of children's Next Literature

first acquaintance with the art of words for each person begins with fairy tales, regardless of nationality and religion.What is especially interesting is the fact that all the folk tales in essence very similar!Whether or Albanian, Tajik, Russian or English - they all have their own special signs fabulous.Change only the images of fantastic creatures but names of the characters, but the essence remains the same tale.

begins almost every tale with introductions: "In a kingdom ... lived - were ..." and ends with the same conventional ending: "And who was listening - well done!" Or "And they live - happily ever after ..." These features (intonation and ending)and there - fabulous signs.

The third feature is the threefold repetition of any action.To do this, probably even children mainly in the case of the three characters!And whatever trying to deal with the main characters, only the third time they all came out the way you want.Either they had to accomplish three tasks to fulfill three wishes, to me

et with the three travelers.

Since writing is an art born children in the old days, and then it got reflected in the beautiful national language.Try to start the fairy tale, and themselves woven into it obsolete words and idioms, proverbs and folk epithets.If the girl - make sure the red, but still so beautiful, "that in no tale to tell, nor pen describe."And well done is always good there, and he has this little head Bedov so lush!That's why more and allocate such fairy tale signs in as a special fairy-tale language, which is required to meet the obsolete words and phrases indivisible.

And it can not do without in the tale of fiction, magic, or impersonation.The colors speak, the animals, if not magic carpet flying in the sky or a miracle Yudo multicipital heroes to fight causes.And fiction, and the struggle between good and evil is also marked as fabulous signs.Grade 2 is generally well versed in all of these subtleties.Certainly, from fairy tales, there are other features, signs and other features, but for the children of seven or eight years is enough to select the - key.

Of course, someone might argue: a modern fairy-tale world there are many such products, which are not found signs of fabulous!Wrangler can answer this way: there are also works for children.Their lack of intonation and the ending, obsolete words and threefold repetition.Only stayed in these literary creations such as a fairy-tale signs of fiction.Rather, they appear to be fantastic or fairy tale, and not to the tales, in the sense that we mean, speaking of the linguistic features of this literary genre.

Moreover, the tales are basically belong to the short works.After composing their works during the evening of knitting or spinning wheel in one particular group.Tomorrow could already reach different people at gatherings, and yesterday, in contrast, could not attend.Therefore tales fit it in one evening.And if we talk about long fairy tales such as "Journey of Nils" or "Carlson, who lives on the Roof", these remarkable and interesting works will likely have to be attributed to the fairy tale.

time runs forward, changing not only our lives, but also literature.Naturally, the children's fairy tales change their style, their appearance.It does not matter if the kids will notice, even commendable.Perhaps even worth emphasizing that in school, studying fairy signs, we are talking mostly about folk tales.Although there are copyrights tale in which the writers are trying to maintain a full scale all the fabulous signs.But most importantly - this is what all good fairy tales necessarily triumphs over evil!