How to make and how to pour the hill of the snow?

Gorka snow with his hands - the perfect training for adults and kids.After all, you have to spend only a few hours for the construction of the structure.But on the whole winter your kids will have a wonderful icy attraction.

Together begin

To fill mound of snow?This requires very little - snow, desire and enthusiasm.Well, even a few workers.Well connected to the case the kids.Because of the snow slide, made with his own hands, it will be especially loved when it is enclosed a piece of your work.Smaller children can be entrusted to the most simple and elementary work, for example, bring the snow in the children's buckets or to roll snowballs.Senior children can puzzle construction steps.But the more experienced you can even entrust descent fill with water.Believe me, the process of building a roller coaster of ice and snow, the guys remembered for a lifetime.It's so exciting!

necessary equipment

Before you build a mound of snow, prepare tools and accessories, which are needed for the job.Snow sh

ould be a lot of that it could build the frame and steps, and pour in operation slides.It is also necessary to prepare:

  • shovel (number of employees);
  • pieces of plywood (you can take a used, not necessarily a whole);
  • water.

desirable well-equipped kids, who will assist you in the construction.The most important thing in this business not to get sick, not just solution to the question: "How to fill the hill out of snow?"Therefore, children should put on waterproof overalls, as well as stock up several pairs of mittens.Make sure the kids do not sweat and does not unbuttoned at the same time, or catch colds very easily.


Any construction project should have its own parameters.They depend on the age of those who will ride on a makeshift mound.If that adolescents and adults can safely build a mound half to two meters.If this snow will ride attraction kids, the height of slides should not exceed one meter.

long descent to make it easy and not dangerous to ride, there should be about 5 meters.It is important to calculate the angle of descent.Gorka should not be too steep, the slope should be about 40 degrees.If you make it larger, the pleasure of the descent will be less to the same at the end of a steep hill descent child can receive a severe blow.But too sloping hill is uninteresting, because then significantly reduced the rate moves down.

Width slides should be sufficient to off it could roll down on a sled.This is about half a meter, no more.Consider how to fill in the hill of snow, do not forget about the ledges on the way down, to ensure safety.Otherwise, kids at risk to fall before reaching the end.

Do not forget to secure the stairs - it will be easy for him to climb the hill, and if they are sprinkled with sand, then they will cease to be slippery.

Benefits snow slides

If you make a hill at the beginning of winter, then that during the entire time the snow it can be improved and upgraded, adding arches, corners, making branches, podsypaya decorating and snow sculptures.The advantages of this design are obvious:

  • construction can be carried out with children of all ages;
  • no extra costs on expensive materials or specific tools are required;
  • can experiment and apply your own design.

Before you pour the hill of snow, you must select an appropriate location.It is important to place it away from the road and away from the trails.See how well it will be lit in the evening, because in the winter it gets dark early.Select its location so that was not there shrubs and trees, there are no fences and manholes, poles, anything that could present a danger to skiers.

Shovels in hand - and forward

Better, of course, podgadat when it's relatively warm day.Then the snow is sticky and the building process considerably easier.Like a blind hill of snow?To begin to roll down a few snow balls of different sizes.The biggest set in the base, then set smaller ball, and so on until the descent.The empty space between the snow-covered and tightly compacted.

then forming step.They should be broad enough and not too high.On the line of descent it is recommended to lay plywood sheets - then the surface is flat and smooth.Plywood should be covered with snow and hard-packed surface thickness of about 10-15 centimeters.Then, after pouring water descent will not sink and no pits and mounds on it appears.

Fill several times

When the frame is ready to slide, we can only pour water descent.This is best repeated several times for several days to ice layer was strong.Otherwise, the ice sledge quickly smash.Do not pour water strong stream, so as not to blur the snow, do so gently and slowly.

If the street are already cold and warm day to choose to build a roller coaster is not possible because of the weather conditions, it is made of plywood and wood boards can be installed formwork and fill it snow.

Also from snowdrifts that are well compacted, it will be convenient to cut snow bricks.They are placed, for example, base steps.

Steps also should initially fill with water - then they will gain strength and will not crumble under their feet.Once they are well promerznut, they must be sure to sand that kids can safely climb on them.

Think about the top platform of snow slides.It should be smooth, safe, and relatively large, so that the child with her fell.You can also put it on top of boards or plywood.But you should definitely provide that platform was not slippery.

can make two descent from one site, one steeper, the other flatter.Do not forget to decorate your arch or downhill fun snegovichkom - your attraction to be not only functional but also aesthetically appealing.