How to insert a wooden box in a wooden house with his own hands

for holiday log cabin the ideal option would be a wooden box.This selection only by a true connoisseur of style and quality.It is only natural materials allow to taste good rest.Wooden window frames are perfect not only to the inner interior, but also to absolutely any dacha landscape.

And most importantly, these eco-friendly design excellent job of retaining heat.They are well protected not only from the noise, but also on the penetration of moisture and dust.If the quality materials used in the manufacture of windows, it is possible to prevent a possible subsequent deformation of the frame.Such designs will please you for a long time.

Today, thanks to modern technology, you can avoid such drawbacks as high fire danger and lack of moisture.That is why in this article we'll look at how to insert a wooden box in a wooden house, as well as find out what positive qualities have these designs.

advantages of wooden windows

The holiday interior natural materials look very prestigious.Wood has always b

een associated with mysterious designs.And it's not necessarily that they were expensive.Wooden windows with their hands (the drawings must be prepared in advance) - a feasible task.If you want to give his dacha exclusive look, you will have to show the ability to design.

To define the future of windows, choose:

  • size;
  • color;
  • form;
  • stylish accessories.

What are the blocks?

So, before you insert the wooden window in a wooden house, you need to understand what they should be.This should ensure an optimal indoor climate.In most cases, window frames made from softwood or hardwood.Special waterproof formulations ensure that structures durability.

looks fine products made of oak, but they weigh a lot.In this regard, the most common material is pine because it is not only easy to process, but also covers almost any composition, for example, colored oils.It should be noted that the choice for truckers color palette is quite varied.

standard window box is made of a material size of 5x15 cm. In this case, however, require a more bulky items as to impart the desired rigidity of the structure should be increased section.

preparatory stage

Before inserting the wooden window in a wooden house, it is necessary to prepare the window opening.Outwardly, it should be smooth on all sides by a rectangle without major cracks, dents, distortions and other defects.If you have previously been found in the room a new window, it must be removed and all surfaces thoroughly clean the opening of debris, dust and dirt.

Avoiding distortions?

To properly insert a wooden window in a wooden house, a stage measuring aperture must be taken particularly seriously.Measurements must be done both outside and inside, and in the three main areas - in the middle of the opposite sides and edges.If the opening is very skewed and straighten it is not possible, you should increase the size of the window so that the maximum level of the outer opening width greater than 25-40 mm, and height - 10-20 mm.

This can be done by installing additional profile to the window.Such a measure will help to prevent the formation of the opening between the frame and the cracks in the ground a strong bias.There is another option to get rid of such a defect - increase the dimensions of the window frame.However, this type of work is best left to professionals who will be the strength to do it accurately and correctly.

Wooden windows with their hands: drawings

work should begin with the drawing of future products with the application partitions, and indicating the exact dimensions.In the design process between the frame and the sash should be left small gaps (about 1-2 mm) to allow free wheeling valve.

Next, you need to purchase oak or pine beams carried out in accordance with the dimensions.It is important not to forget to add to the length of the rod about 10%.

window of wood with their hands

How to make a wooden box with his hands:

  • window Production should begin with frame.To do this with great care sawn slats, and the error should not be allowed more than 1 mm.At the ends of slats sawed cover, through which will be mounting frame members.Usually used for bonding metal parts, but they may be replaced by a silicone sealant.Step between the bindings must be 1 cm. Together with parts of the frame are cut glazing beads.
  • collecting into one structure, you need to ensure that the connection of parts is carried out strictly at right angles.
  • Cutting and installation of glass is the most important procedure.After all, this is a very delicate product, which requires careful handling.

If the opportunity to order the material in the glass studio is absent, prior to manufacture wooden windows of the wooden house, you should use the following guidelines:

  1. first step is to clean the glass.
  2. Through the next section of wire strip oil, and without taking your hands off the glass incision is performed.
  3. Sharp edges are processed with sandpaper.
  4. It is important that the dimensions of the glass corresponded to reality, otherwise they will not be included in a frame or even be hanging out in it.
  • After mounting the frame you want to insert glass.Before that, with the help of the sealant handled internal slots, and only then set the glass.His shtapikami fixed by screws or screws, should start from the middle, gradually moving to the edges.To ensure a tight placement in the frame window, we can pave the seal.It will reduce the number of gaps, which would reduce the flow of cold air.
  • Similarly manufactured casement, and then bonded handles, hinges, and placed in a frame structure.
  • finished wooden box, it is desirable to insulate, paint, and only then install in the window opening.

products and materials for the installation of windows

Before inserting the wooden window in a wooden house, you will need the following:

  • special ruffs;
  • hammer;
  • nails;
  • window unit;
  • window fittings;
  • insulation;
  • wedges.

purchase window units

purchasing window frames made of wood, you first need to pay attention to compliance with GOST quality wood.It should not be present burrs, roughness, it needs to be soft.It is also important to remember that for the manufacture of window products should not be used core.In other words, the window selected wood without annual pattern of concentric rings.


The composition of the window block consists of the following elements: a box casement sash (skylights), design of drainage and window sill.There are two basic ways of opening transoms: outside - "no overlap" and the inside - "with overlap".Also, the window includes accessories, glass, seals and more.There are single, double and triple glazing.

Installation of windows

How to insert a wooden box in a wooden house with his own hands:

  • on the box window units are mounted by means of plate loops of different designs.There are one-piece and split hinges.Some of the hinge pin can not be removed, while others removed.The latter option is useful in places where there is no opportunity to raise the sash windows.
  • Lockable design with a special device or bolt.Once sure that nothing interferes with opening and closing of the valves, it is necessary to fix the box in the openings with nails.
  • Thanks evenness plates hanging loop provided evenness of the window sashes.The plates are fixed by screws, installed flush with the surface.
  • empty space between the frame and the wall, which is not so long ago oakum caulk, foam-filled construction.This procedure requires the mandatory installation of struts, which, after the final hardening of the foam can be removed.

Installing window sills and ebbs

Proper installation of wooden windows in wooden house involves assembling structures such as flow.They should be fixed to the outer side of the opening - the entire width of the box into the wall penetration.

sills should be installed on the inside so that the ends are sealed to each side wall by about 4-5 cm. First we need to fix the window sill using the wedge, and after laying insulation - permanently fix the structure.The opening is necessary in advance to align the bottom.For this purpose lime-plaster solution.

Installation casings

to the window opening looked beautiful, the gap between the wall and a box hidden under frames.Similarly, framed by the upper and side edges of the window.In one house window trim or design should be made out of the same profile and the same standard.Horizontal and vertical shall be verified by means of levels and plumb lines, but directly to the box they nailed the distance between them should be 10-12 cm.

Now you know what it looks like the installation of wooden windows in a wooden house with his own hands.Photos provided below for reference.


To prevent drafts, enough to build a layer of foam between the panes.Thermal insulation of wooden structures will make in the cold your home warm.If you choose to insert a wooden window in a wooden house, you should think about the insulation.

Consider the most simple ways insulation:

  • The cheapest option - a warming of paper.She caulk cracks and strips are glued on top of the paper.However, this method has a rather complicated disassembly.Together with the layer of paint strips unstuck.
  • Another option - to fill in the gap wool.This material can be replaced by a textile material, foam rubber or paraffin.Top slots are sealed with strips of cloth that has been soaked in soapy water.This procedure is repeated every year.

Decoration wooden structures

As already described above, between the wall and the windows after installation there is a gap that closed frames.So, this product will really decorate your home.If you choose to insert your own window in a wooden house, consider carved architraves.It should be noted that these designs will help protect the premises from the effects of adverse factors such as wind, rain and more.

casings are made of wood, so it should be remembered that not all species are suitable for such products.In this case, the material imposed certain requirements.In the first place it should be stable.

Least susceptible to external influences and larch.However, such wood carving choose not worth it, because this breed is very fragile.To carvings most suitable material is lime, as it can easily withstand even extreme conditions.But on the strength of a leader it takes an oak.Not a single tree is not able to compare with him.

casings are made of wood with an electric drill and a jigsaw.You may also need a tape measure and a pencil.Similarly, you can make the wooden shutters on the windows with his hands.If you dare to do carving, it is useful and even a piece of paper, which you can apply the desired pattern.Next picture is attached to a product prepared and implemented sawing.