Functions "VKontakte".

difficult to find a person who is not registered in at least one social network.For our country the most popular are "Classmates" and "VKontakte".And if the first is popular with the older generation, the second is used mainly schoolchildren and students, as well as youth.It is on this social network, we'll talk further.

Every year on various websites designed for communication, especially "VKontakte", there are more and more features and functions.One of these is the fixed entry "VKontakte".Let's talk about what it is and how to create such a record.

What it is and what it "eat"

First, let's find out what is a fixed record exactly how it looks and how it differs from the usual post.Then already talk about what it means to secure the record "VKontakte", and how it can be done.

As you probably know, before when placing the post on user's wall at the top of the page shows the last information.All that you have ever added to your wall, displayed in chronological order.

Now, a new feature, "Sec

ure the record."This means that if you like any position, it can be mounted on your wall.It will be on the top of the page.This new posts that you publish, will be placed under it.The chronology of records at the same time a little bit broken.

Next we will talk about how to fix the record "VKontakte".But first let's deal with the fact why this feature.

value zarkpleniya recording

You may ask why such a function.First of all for you to be able to share it with the information that you like the most.

So, usually fixed to the wall of those positions that characterize the human condition, his attitude to anything at this time.Some fix information that tells you about important events in the life of the user.That's why you should know how to fix record "VKontakte".

In any case, if you liked the post, and you want people visiting your page, seen in the first place it, then you should fix this post on my wall.Then we'll tell you how to do it.

How to fix

Let's now move on to the topic of this article and examine all the same so as to fix record "VKontakte".Make it pretty easy.To do this, you must first place it on your wall.

Click on himself the post, opening it.Then we get down to the bottom, where there are several function keys, with which you can edit and delete records.We are looking among them the "Fix" and click on it.Close and update the page to see the changes on your page.Now, this post will be at the top of the page, and the mark will be "Writing is fixed."

As you can see, there is nothing difficult - everything is done fairly quickly and easily.It is worth noting that the wall can be fixed only one post.

How to undock

So, we have already figured out how to fix the record "VKontakte".Let us now consider the situation where you need to unpin it, or change to another.In this case there are two options.

first option.To detach it, you need to re-open after the chosen position.Going down to the bottom and select the button "Unfreeze".Close and refresh the page.Now this record will be placed between your one account that has been added to it, and the one that was added after it.That is, all of your posts on the wall will again be placed in chronological order.

second option to use if you need to replace a fixed record to another.Add the desired position.Then, we perform all the same actions that do in order to secure entry "VKontakte".After the update page.Old fixed recording automatically replaced by the new one.

Now you know what it means to secure the record "VKontakte", and how it can be done.As you can see, there is nothing difficult to fasten or unfasten the record in this social network.The main thing - to find exactly the position that you want to place the most prominent place on your page.