"VKontakte" not pressed the button: possible causes

social network "VKontakte" is probably the most popular site among young people, it is in this project, you can quickly find a contact, as well as to watch video, listen to music, install applications, and just fine and interesting to spend their free time.Typically, each user chooses for himself alone browser, with which he later and stored in the social network, and on other sites.Since the project of which we are talking about today, is very popular, that, accordingly, it imposed heavy loads, which can lead to a "glitch" and other troubles.Very often such as "VKontakte" no buttons are pressed.Yes, they just do not work, and then just not possible to continue to be on this website, as go to another page can not.Let's look at why no button is pressed in the "VC"?


This problem may not occur because the server, which processes the requests, and because of your computer, and deal with it, according to statistics, not everyone can.In fact, there are many reasons why not press the "VKontakte", a

nd today we try to figure out how to solve this problem.


The first thing you need to try to go to a social network to another browser, for example, it may be Opera or Google Chrome, we can not rule out other options, but often such an error occurs just at users who areInternet with Mozilla.So why do not press "VKontakte"?The fact is that maybe your cache simply overloaded and, therefore, you should clean it.Also it would not hurt to clean and Cokies, it is possible to make right in your browser, or through a specialized program, for example, it may be CCleaner."VKontakte" button is not pressed because of what is happening possible overload.Specifically, your ISP can not cope with the flow, so more things can depend on him.

If you clear all the stored data, and change it the browser, then surely the problem is that "VKontakte" not pressed the button, you instantly disappear.And if it is not changed, then you should contact your provider or simply write to support.


If "VKontakte" button is not pressed, then we recommend you also try to go from your mobile device to check whether in this mode all work.