Nihilist - a cynic or a desperate man?

Nihilism as a philosophical concept postulates the following ideas: there is no morality, which is called real;Nothing clearly indicates the existence of a Supreme Creator of all things;existence has no truth, there is no right and wrong behavior, their objective is the same value.As you might guess, a nihilist - a disillusioned man in the world.Nihilism is the most sarcastic concept hides under the mask of cynicism, bitterness of disappointment everywhere and realizing the futility of existence.

Western European nihilism

most widely used that term given the nihilists of the 19th century, since it was in this period nihilistic movement has acquired a special scope, both in Russia and in the West.The term "nihilism" was first introduced F.G.Yakobi, German philosopher.The most prominent in the history of philosophy nihilist - is undoubtedly Friedrich Nietzsche, believing that true peace (as it should be according prohristianskih thinkers) does not exist, that it is nothing more than an illusion, a f

iction.Spengler's idea of ​​the decline of European culture, the destruction of the old forms of consciousness.Another famous nihilist - a S. Kierkegaard, who believes that the Christian religious in a crisis that is the cause of the spread of nihilistic views.

Nihilism in Russia of the 19th century

the second half of the 19th century in Russia was a growing movement that denies the established social foundations of society.Raznochintsy sixties preached atheism and materialism and ridiculed religious ideology.The most popular term "nihilism" was due to all the well-known novel by Turgenev IS"Fathers and Sons" and described it nihilist Bazarov.Common people's mood perfectly meet the ideas of nihilism, that was the spread of the term of the masses.

psychological point of view

Those who know a little about psychology and such a concept as a psychological defense, it becomes obvious that nihilism is precisely the form of such protection.In fact, a nihilist - a man desperately searching for meaning and the reasons for his being in the world.Surrounding the reality does not meet the internal representation of the person about what should be the true world and this contradiction is reflected in the process of denial.So, nihilism and nihilists are analyzed from the point of view of depth psychology.The man is torn between two trends - the desire for freedom and the need for belonging to a group.The stronger the desire for freedom, the more the individual feels lonely in his path.The work of Erich Fromm "Escape from Freedom" describes the characteristics of a defense mechanism when a person perceives inadequate given the freedom - namely, the desire to destroy the world (at least through the negation of it) and the desire to destroy themselves thereby rejecting the meaning of their existence.Proponents of corporal approach in psychology note the external characteristics of a nihilist: an ironic smirk, defiant, ironic remarks.It is enshrined in the last defensive reactions that have remained in human terms.

Thus nihilism - it svoebrazny human response to what is happening in the world, a defensive reaction in response to an unwanted yavlyaeniya reality.