How to participate in electronic trading: e-commerce methods

Today, electronic trading is one of the most popular types of trading online.This method of contracting for many market participants is the most attractive due to the fact that in order to participate in the bidding, it is not necessary to be geographically close to the customer.In addition, this way is much easier to monitor the market interest, the newly emerging demand tracking.

So, how to participate in electronic bidding, detailed in the Federal Law №94 of 21.07.2005.This document primarily describes the procedure for public procurement.Such applications often appear on an electronic platform.First of all, think about how to participate in electronic trading, it is necessary to prepare for such a procedure.To do this, issue the electronic digital signature (EDS), with which it will be possible to certify all the documents that are downloaded to the network on behalf of the company or individual entrepreneur.In addition, the potential participant must pass the accreditation process at the site tha

t will host the application of interest.Site selection is carried out on their own supplier.Passage of accreditation is accompanied by the provision of a specific list of documents which it is indicated in each of the electronic trading system.Although it should be noted that this list is usually identical.

Selecting an electronic platform will be the next question that must be addressed to those who want to know how to participate in electronic trading."Sberbank-AST" is today one of the most popular systems for contracting.This is primarily due to the ease of use, a large number of orders placed, the operational work of competent specialists.The procedure for the use of this platform clearly spelled out on the official website of the system.

information on how to participate in electronic trading after the completion of the registration procedures are usually provided at each site.In the first place with the help of the search window is to find an application you're interested in.It always contains information about the customer, the subject of the auction, the maximum amount of supplies and its conditions.After gathering the required documents specified in the application, it is possible to issue a proposal and assured his signature.

At the first stage the potential suppliers are unable to view other proposals, only available information about their numbers.In case if this application has received several proposals that are close in price, the organizers hold the second round of the so-called rebidding.At this stage, providers have an opportunity to become familiar with what the company claims to conclusion of the contract, and what their price offers.

is worth remembering that, to ask questions about how to participate in electronic trading, you must not only prepare the documents, but also to be prepared for the fact that the contest will need a certain amount of money associated with the software application.Generally, if a potential supplier for any reason, has not won the right to conclude the contract with the buyer, which is refundable on his bank account or to the account on the site to allow its further use.