A few simple rules to be followed by a bank customer to use only the desired product

Anyone crossing the threshold of a bank office, it automatically becomes a client.Even if it does not use any of the product, at least, will ask a question.And how to answer it as advise, will largely depend on its future relationship with the tank.For this reason, almost all financial institutions have started to appear client-managers, whose work aims to ensure that every customer of the bank to get the maximum information and assistance in solving its problems.

Typically, this lovely smiling girl, who kindly refer to each incoming and all kind show a willingness to help.On the one hand, to see a man who tries to understand the situation, always a pleasure.But do not entirely trust the sincere eyes and a sweet smile.For many institutions the main task of the client manager is that of each incoming turned a regular customer of the bank.

That is the work that the employee is not to care, and in the sale of services, programs and additional services.It turns out that any problem will likely be solve

d as quickly as possible and not beneficial for the client, and so they had purchased as much as possible banking services.Anyone who came to the translation, by all means try to "offer" a plastic card.I need a loan?Then the 'tied' insurance, and by a couple of products.Even opening a normal payment card, the person is likely to be voluntary-compulsorily insured, signed on savings deposit, a credit card and something else "right."

Undoubtedly, each of these products, taken individually, may be necessary in any given situation.But this does not mean that all the polls should be insured, provided with credit card and save money on vacation.Unfortunately, in many institutions it is now such a relationship "customer - bank"."Privatbank", for example in this respect is considered a leader.Here we all should be by credit card, bank and insurance.No other way.

frustrating at first call told that if he did not open the card, you will not be able to receive any transfer or pay utilities.But in fact it is not.It's just that every employee (from the client manager to cashier and manager) is the task of the maximum population coverage of banking products.However, customers should understand that, firstly, it is not legal, and secondly, it is not necessary.That is technically possible to exchange currency without a map and a deposit without insurance, a person did not report about it.And certainly all connected to a system of "Privat 24" for the self-service (it is something just around the list of the most urgent, really need, and most importantly - absolutely free).

But "Private" is not only suitable for people a comprehensive service to any customer of the bank was provided with each product.Picks up the baton and other financial institutions of the country.For example, "Ukrsotsbank" client-bank is also quite easy to use and need, and started selling services to customers 'complex', not far from his left "UkrSib", but the rest are not far behind.

It turns out that just go and draw one and only really needed service is not easy.That is why every bank customer (permanent or new), calling at any office, should understand that it can not force the issue or that product is no cute girls.And he must sign a contract and agreeing to voluntary registration services.