Cadillac Deville - car, which looks with admiration

In today's tech world practicality is paid more cars.And this is quite understandable.But as a result we are losing a lot of aesthetics.The period from 50 th to 60 th year, is called the era of automotive heaven.Then no one was generous, and large size cars as the great fuel economy (20-30 liters) is considered normal.It was in those years there was a car Cadillac Deville.Beauty and style of this legendary model conquer the hearts even today.So let's take a closer look, it can be when you read this article, the number of fans at the Cadillac Deville increase.

Cadillac, more precisely, Cadillac Motor Car Devision is a division of General Motors, which specializes in the production of passenger cars luxury class.Cadillac Deville 1959 issue - concluded the embodiment Aerostil.Its design developed by Harley Earl.I must say that this model of Americans believe the cult.Fans 50s belong to this car like the icon.And there is nothing surprising - it is a reflection of a distant and strange decade.

Car Series 62 was considered the cheapest of the series.In a luxury car Series 63 was refines increase to name - De ville, which translated into Russian means "citizen".At the ends of the rear wings Sedan de Ville was fixed on chrome side moldings stroke.Cadillac Coupe Deville had type coupe like a car.On the same platform based model and Eldorado.She had minor external differences, but the engine was more powerful.

Initially the car Cadillac Deville was positioned as a budget.That is why it finishes used cheaper materials.Yet if we compare them with the current decoration materials cars, a proud Cadillac would not take them even to the mat.

Model Series 63 can be purchased for 5495 dollars.And released such copies 12308. For equipment has a three-stage automatic transmission model Hydra-Matic, air conditioning, power steering and brakes, the electric side windows and seats.

Cadillac Deville - a series of cars, extravagant in all.Our clients a world-famous company at that time offered two dozen different versions of color.Equally charming are also the names of the colors "black sandal", "Kensington green", "blue Argyll."

Immediately after the war it kadillakovskie cars have become a bright symbol of the 1950s and 1960s, which are called "gold."In 1954, Elvis Presley bought his first Cadillac.The singer immediately joined the number of fans of this brand.Pink Cadillac Fleetwood became the hero of many picture stories and songs in 1955.And then the famous, almost legendary model Eldorado and its high fins on the rear fenders became a cult attribute of the era, along with the famous songs of Elvis Presley.

Besides the well-known British singer, has won many hearts celebrities extravagant Cadillac.And in our time, he continues to do so, for no practical not satisfy the human need for beauty, elegance and grace.Such is Kaddilak, and these cars always look with admiration.They - the representatives of the brightest and most beautiful era in the history of mankind.